No Smoking Day
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back again :-(

Im not proud of myself being back here after a long long time.

Ive been smoking since friday, I have arranged an appointment with the stop smoking nurse at hospital tonight to get some cheap NRT.

So stupid! I was so happy not going back to my parents house and stinking. All weekend when I got home I ran straight upstairs and had a shower and mouth wash so they wouldnt smell it on me.

This time I will do it!! I know Nic's tricks now and I wont give in so easily!

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thats the worse point, i enjoyed the social side of going to the pub and going out talking to people having a fag.

But it was everything else that wasnt enjoyable. I think the cons out numbered the pros alot. There are so many non smokers that it is embarrassing coming back stinking of smoke.

I had to cover it up from my parents and my other half. My clothes and my car!


Well done for staying with it though Sammi, you've been there, done that, seen the video and worn the t-shirt - so time now to wash it out of your life for good. :) Best of luck - I'm rooting for you!


thanks hawkeye

Yes Ive definately learnt alot.

I cant believe how much fags have gone up in price! Thats a good reason not to buy another pack. Back in the day they were affordable and I think with the increasing prices more people are going to try and give up! thanks gov :D

They have actually done something helpful <3


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