No Smoking Day
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starting week 2

Today has been a nightmare, :eek: craving none stop, thumping headache, totally sick.

Think my brain just realized that I haven't smoked for a week!! so all cravings came at once:eek:

Puffing well on ecigg, and reading posts everytime it gets to bad. Hope everyone is holding out ok.

Going to have a nice hot chocolate and go to bed.

Tomorrow will hopefully be better:D

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Yes but its a vapour ecigg, no nicotine in it


Thanks for your concern really appreciate it. Will keep going don't want to go back to smoking EVER :D


It could be the e-fag if you're using it a lot, not for the nicotine but from what makes up the vapour - there's 2 kinds and oen of them strips my throat, the other doesn't!!


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