No Smoking Day
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Day 6

So today was my day 6!! Wasnt too bad tbh. Ive literally ate my house though!! Seriously my mouth hasnt stopped...nearly ate my hand off!! Really proud of myself though...I went out last night and all my mates are smokers so I was surrounded by it. I found myself smelling their a weird way it smelt lovely. LOL.

Anyway, so its not too bad. Have a feeling the worse is yet to come though!!

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Well done that is great, especially going out.i have been out but not with smokers and I think I would find it extremely hard. Give yourself a pat on the back!


How fantastic, dong great, and would seem you are well focused in your quit, nearly weak 2, now sounds Good doesn't it.

Yes for me have put on loads of weight, but just started juicing and it,s working,

I often ate enough for a family of four to my self lol and seriously think there's was at least a few days where I had my head stuck in the fridge all day,

A massive well done your on your way :p:p


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