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What is smoking doing to you?


Found this just now, and for anyone who is thinking of quitting, has just quit, or like me nearly chucked their quit away it's quite inspiring!!

Daily Mail Link

I was certain that the 20-25 fags a day I was smoking wasn't hurting me, hopefully they haven't but I definitely recognise the skin and I was a 28 year old getting wrinkles for goodness' sake.

They've now gone!!

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Still waiting Gemma for a decent photo of you to add to the 'Give us your best shot' thread :D

Or are you too scared to show us your un-wrinkled face :p

Are you saying i look wrinkly in my profile piccie? :eek::eek::eek:

I did smoke when that was taken but don't think I look that bad :eek::eek:

Can barely even tell you are female in that titchy little pic,let alone see any wrinkles !! :D

Hey!! Flaming cheek!!

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