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What do you do?

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What do you do to help a craving?

I either have some gum or fruit, but I don't think it will work for much longer :(

Anyone else got any tips?

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Nicotine Gum helps!


I am on day 10 (Oh yeah) how I got here I don't know......all I will say is though I am not really craving a smoke now, I crave the gum so I suppose I have swapped one habit for another! Not sure this is entirley good but it has to be better than having a cig!

I didn't think the gum would work for me but after I got past the 5th day it was most bizarre.....and the nice thing is when I go out I don't God I have to take my gum with me it stays at home, I use it after my morning cup of coffee, normally a major craving time for me and after meals, am trying to cut down to only 4 pieces per day...but hey it's only day 10 and it's all about breaking the habit first right?! So am not going to beat myself upi to much about it! Though have to say I do have dreadful jaw ache!

Anyway keep at it, you can do this our lives are worth so much more than the smokes! x

Hay Mildred, I use the gum too...I know what you mean about the jaw aching, and I'm on day 3!

I deep breath and day dream :) i picture myself in the future, laughing n smiling, having achieved a great goal.


I do origami


I waste time at bored.com or play @ king.com


I shout at the kids :(


I have fun with the kids :D

And I stuff my face pretty much continually :D

So you just keep yourself busy then Buffy... good idea;)

I tried Chantix; I must say it is the best. I still remember that a close friend of mine suggested it to me and I bought it online from Canada Pharmacy. While taking the medicine I was not sure that it will work because I had tried many pills before which never worked. But miraculously, this one worked.

indeed many have had good things to say for it!

But there have been a few with side effects too, in the UK we will be ables to get this through prescription to tie in with the smoking ban and along with a cessation person to help guide. Though several people have already got a hold of it our lil guinea pigs :D

Anyway that keeps you quit is a good way!

OINK OINK hehehehehehehe (sorry they say that oink oink is too short)

I think I now know why I have cravings for hay and have developed a high-pitched squeek! :eek:

I used colouring-in books to take my mind off the few cravings I had in the early days of giving up - it kept my hands busy.

Candy or peppermint will do the job for 5 min. This is all you need to overcome your crises. Usually it takes 5 min. to overcome the urge for smoke.

All the best!


one thing to say about the nicotine gum is.....it won't kill ya.


:rolleyes: unless you choke on it :p heehee soz so morbid :eek:

i really want to quit cold turkey but i guess that i'm too weak to even succeed at it... as a 4-year smoker, i guess it's only usual that i have too much phlegm/mucus and i really want to get rid of that but i drink lots of water, nothing, i take throat reliever, nothing.. do you think it's wise of me to take acetylcysteine drugdelivery.ca/s3101-s-ACE... ?

it claimes to get rid of the excess mucus..

Lo again :rolleyes: hehehe

As i said in the other post I would advise against any self medicating. I would visit the doctor, again if there is any other problems such as asthma this is the wrong meds for you!!

Please book a doctors appointment

~Buffy x

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