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What has smoking really cost you?

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I think this link (or one similar) was originally posted by the Late Great CW


I smoked for 11311 days.

Smoking has reduced my life span by 4 year(s), 268 day(s).:(

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Whoa, scary but I reduced my life by 5 years and 280 days by smoking 11392 days!! :(

That result is just too accurate and is obviously basing on arbitrary data.

Scary indeed, but at least we are no longer taking any more chunks off our lives and therefore making it even shorter.

Looking back when i was unemployed im sure smoking cost me getting jobs.

Turning up at interviews stinking of the fags - not good

not thinking of the past looking forward now

not thinking of the past looking forward now

Great attitude Jay, keep thinking that way and you'll do just fine mate. Well done so far with your quit.

Scary indeed

Seems I have reduced my life span by 11 year(s), 75 day(s)

Just have to hope that I can continue in the footsteps of those that have gone before me and would should I not have smoked managed over a century anyway



Smoking costs me more than some life span. All this time wasted puffing away, all the emotions repressed in a way or other, all these lie-ins not taken because I had to wake up to smoke...and all those times getting stressed for my next fix.

Sad. :(

This is horrendous!! My life span has been reduced by 10 years and 156 days.

The thought that I have been reliant on cigarettes for 16,606 days is mind blowing. The money wasted........ and the time spent wasting it.........

My father in law died February this year - he was just a few days short of his ninetieth year he had smoked all his life - looking at it from a monetary point of view he said that he had smoked three bungalows!

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