Thank crunchie it's Friday!

Hello lovely people! So glad it's Friday, what a week!!

Chilling with a glass of rose and a box of Terry All Gold (my favourite) :)

Nearly at the end of day three. Can hear that wee f**ker (excuse my language) trying to nark at me but I'm going to show him I can get through a weekend and enjoy it much more without him in my life :D

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  • Yeah true Kat, just a couple of glasses of wine and have my ecig here for emergency!

    Just had a good rant in my daily diary and gave myself a good talking too!

  • Hey we can have fun with out the white sticks, enjoy your weekend my lovely, it's just a test to see how you manage untill Monday, you have you e-cig so you will be ok :p:p:p

  • Enjoy your wine and choccies, you've earned them :D

  • Lol ok boss Karri :D

    I'll make sure and come to you for a good talking to whenever require lol

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