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Day 4 - Rough!!

Sooo glad this day is over and im nearly asleep!! This is the first proper day that I had any major cravings and boy they were intense!! I tried everything to help but nothing seemed to work. I think I ate my own body weight in sweets today too!! My mate lit up 1 and I literally followed her trying to inhale her second hand smoke to see if that helped lol!! It was just a constant nagging feeling ALL DAY!!

Its strange how when you have a craving you would give anything for a smoke and to feel that woww factor...but in theory, even after a smoke you dont feel good and there isnt any wow factor at all. Its all in your mind.

Mehhhh today wasnt the greatest...but still onto day 5 tomorrow!! So far I havent smoked 60 cigs...which makes me feel good anyway!!

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Hi Mrtee :)

i hope you wake up feeling proud for reaching day 5 :) you will soon be entering week 2 and as long as you try keeping that positive mindest and keep ignoring that smoking demon telling you that one will help you will win this battle

distracting your mind is the key when your having major craves and i know eating can help quite afew on here has got an addiction to certain kinds of sweets :eek:

personally i never ever think you can ever ever have enough cake :) scrummy yummy cake :p


Wow day 5, now that's a great start, and of course it will only get better, but the little demon wants you to act on your craves, sodo anything that will pass the time for me it,s food all food, and the craves will become less intense,

Keep reading and posting huge help on this forum, it gets you through a lot

Well done:):):)


Hello mrtee, I hope you're feeling better this morning. We all know that the "three day" thing is not the norm for most of us and we all get sideswiped at different stages. Just keep plugging on hour by hour and you will have another day under your belt. It does get easier but you have to weather the storm before you can sail the calmer waters. Good Luck and Keep strong. ;)


Me too......

I haven't smoked in 96 hours (4 days) and I still have the rest of the day to continue not smoking. I definitely "feel" like smoking because that habit has been ingrained in my mind but I just tell myself that smoking doesn't make you feel any better, even worse, it kills.


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