I love my food - but

I am embracing my new found taste buds and stuffing my face at every opportunity, a plateful of roast dinner big enough to feed a family of four, jumbo plates of pasta, pan fried duck breast with cous cous and port jus - who knew??? but, I can't eat pizza :confused: Three times on the trot now, every time I've done a pizza for dinner, I eat about two slices and that's it, I can't really say I'm full but physically I just can't eat anymore. I used to be able to polish off a whole frozen pizza, with extra toppings, but not now. I really love the look of it, I fancy it when shopping and I'm pratically salivating whilst it's cooking but I just can't eat it - the OH doesn't mind, he eats his half then mine (and he's still as skinny as a rake arghhhhhhhhhhh)

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  • OMG - How on earth will I cope if it attacks the vino? Hic pic4ever.com/images/84.gif

  • Day 17 and still feeling good :-)

    I have been the same with Pizza!!!! Loved pepperoni, but just couldnt face eating it once cooked! Yet, Ive gone mad for Tomato soup which, before I couldnt really stand.....I now really REALLY look forward to it!

    Ive tried to think of it as one of the exciting parts of not smoking, one of the more enjoyable "withdrawal" things...tasting foods, foods you loved that now you may not, foods that become a taste sensation, like fresh cream on top of hot chocolate with a flake (sorry if your all salivating!)....Its a bit nuts really isnt it!?

  • What the others say, defo another trait in this non smoking malarkey. My biggie was I could not stand my fav 'Coffee' anymore and switched to Tea which I only ever used to drink occasionally.

    Still prefer Tea to Coffee a year on! Still like my G and T though:)

    Fi x

  • pic4ever.com/images/oregoni... all is well, the vino still tastes delicious :o

  • im now addicted to subways breakfast rolls!!...brilliant!:)

  • pic4ever.com/images/oregoni... all is well, the vino still tastes delicious :o

    totally agree Jenn,

    Also I was at a meeting last night where the governor seated next to me was eating opal fruits/starbursts, oh my god,,,,,,the purple ones, I didn't realise they tasted SOOOO good!!!

  • Must report from here than unfortunately this is not my case, just had a full pepperoni ristorante, 5 minutes flat and a bottle of French red, no probs, but what is best no cigs and no cravings!:D

  • New confession

    I've just eaten a family size bag of peanut m&m's as a snack in one sitting and a cup of coffe, what is wrong with me? pic4ever.com/images/shame.gif - and no, I'm not pregnant, I just look it :D

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