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Goodbye my lovely friend X

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Just would like to say goodbye to my dear friend Elaine who succumbed to her battle of breast cancer this morning. I guess you're all wondering why on earth I would post something like that on a no smoking forum. Well to be honest that's down to Elaine. She was such a truly inspirational, happy, caring, lovely person that I have had the honour of knowing. She would want to help other people in any way possible so I am posting on here because of that.

Elaine's battle over the years has been a hard one and towards the end she was in a lot of pain and I mean agony. Elaine never smoked in her life and I can just imagine her response if she had ever tried one LOL! BUt she did battle cancer and as you all know we increased our chances of getting cancer tremendously by continuing to smoke. So she would have liked to tell everyone that this is a battle she certainly would not have chosen to take and neither should you. Do not chose to end your life prematurely and in pain. Choose life and quit the ciggies, I only wish my dear brave friend had had the choice.

Love you Elaine and will miss you.

Lisa x

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:( So sorry to hear about your friend Lisa sending you virtual hugs xx

Aw Lisa, very sorry to hear that.

Although i am glad you posted it because it reinforces what we know about smoking but on a more personal level.

Sorry for your loss.

Laura x

So sorry to hear of your sad loss Lisa. A good friend is something to be cherished. Don't have to be a smoker to get cancer, but, as you say, if we stop now we're giving ourselves a chance. Thanks for sharing that with us. David

So sorry Lisa to hear such sad news, big hugs x


Commiserations on your loss :( Keep strong!!!

So sorry to hear that Lisa, keep up with your quit your friend would want that.

mash x

Thanks for sharing your sad news with us Lisa, you are right in that it does help us to remember and reinforce that what we are doing here is life changing and could be life saving for many of us.

Big hugs to you hunny, and I am deeply sorry for the loss of your dear friend xx

Hugs from me too Lisa. So sad. We do indeed have a choice - and thank goodness we are choosing to quit smoking.

Thinking of you,


What an eloquently put post Lisa, it bought tears to my eyes. I'm sorry for your loss. It has brought home how precious and yet fragile life can be. And yes, following from that not to waste it poisoning our bodies and risking our suffering and that of those who love us.

Lisa, I'm so sorry for your loss, and for everyone that loved her.

When we lose someone dear to us - regardless of how or why they died - it makes us realise how precious and fragile life is, and we owe it to our departed loved ones to value our health and not chuck it away.

Sending you lots of love,


Thankyou everyone for your kind words you guys are wonderful on this forum, Elaine will be missed by a lot of people.

Lisa x

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