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I cannot stop thinking about food

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Hey peeps.

This is my 6th week :-o

For the past 2 weeks I have been eating reasonably healthy but I cannot stop thinking about food, it the same as I used to think about smoking.

Today I have eaten;

2 slices of toast

2 packets of crisps and a pot of cous cous

countless cups of coffee

When I was a smoker this would have been my whole days worth of eating and its 2.30 and I am starving, just keep thinking about what I am going to eat for my dinner.

Anyone else obsessed with food all the time?!

I have been excercising a lot more too, cycling and tae bo but weight seems to be creeping up again :-/


Jill xxxx

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Yep, i'm a food addict, anything to take my mind off the ciggies:(

You sure the extra weight ain't muscle Jill with all the exercise you've been doing as muscle is heavier than fat (by volume).

Pete, We will have to join a support group on food addicts soon :-/

I originally thought it could be just that, the muscle was weighing me down but I measured too and have not lost any inches so I doubt that it is anything to do with the muscle.

Has anyone any suggestions on food that is sort of low in calories but keeps you feeling full for a while but also keeps energy levels up!?

Starting to get me down a LOT


Just popping out for a creme egg :D


I LOVE creme eggs and carmel eggs and mars eggs, any type of eggs of the chocolate variation, its easter soon!



Try this website Jill onemorebite-weightloss.com/...

They seem to have a few tools you can use........... but i'm no expert.

Me! ME!!! I've never been a massive eater and now I can't bloody stop! Today I have had:

1 buttered scone

2 mini battenburgs

2 custard creams

1 tuna salad sandwich

1 satsuma

And I'm sat here wondering how soon I can decently make dinner, I'm STARVING.

I did walk the three miles home again, that's my only saving grace. Then again, that was supposed to be to work off the huge three course meal I had at pizza express last night. :rolleyes:

Sorry, not much help am I? But you're not alone.

Oh sigh, yes.

During my first proper six month quit I put on 3 dress sizes! Which i still haven't lost!I just couldn't stop eating. Did find a link once about it being to do with low blood sugar and also the replacement putting something in the mouth thing. And cigarettes apparently have an appetite deadening affect.

Im eating a llot more now that Im quit and that im going cold turkey, as NRT can make a difference as well. I find I'm eating loads now, eat three meals a day and always snacking throughout the day as I find this helps with cravings. Ive put on half a stone since I quit which Im happy about :).

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