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Back again...but just made it into week 3

Hello everyone.

My last visit her was in January this year. I'd just made it into month 3, but then started smoking again.So, determined to beat this, I started Stoptober and am now on Day 15 :-).

Last time, I really didn't cope with the 'gap' very well, but I am much more focused and accepting that I may feel a loss, but that it is not real and will be relatively temporary.

I think that the Stoptober campaign has been brilliant. There is a very active Facebook page and it feels good to know that I'm not alone, have people all pretty much at the same stage as well as advice from those who gave up last year.

Already starting to feel the benefits - my initial sleepiness has reduced and I'm waking up more alert and ready to face the day.

Right - won't bore you anymore, just wanted to say Hello!


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