Made it to 3 weeks

Well I made it to day 21,

At times I thought I would never do it but with your help I am here.

I think I might dig out my allan carr book and have a read coz I feel that if I do give in it will be through the habit side rather than the craving side of things. I feel it is my brain that needs retraining not to feel that sense of loss that we get, even though it is my brain that tells me I am stupid even thinking that I want a fag.

Anyway, thanks for all your help so far and here's to the next 21 days!

Befly x x :D :D

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    Well Done Befly x x x

    You've done brilliantly!! ~Buffy x x

  • Well done Befly, i'm right behind you!!! (20 days)

    The main thing that has stuck with me from Allan Carr is that there is no such thing as one cigarette. Its so true. I've quit before for 5months, then 'JUST' had one on a night out, and within a few weeks i was back up to 20 a day again.

    Now if the thought of a cig comes into my head, i have the following thoughts

    1) It WILL taste really BAD!!

    2) It will not make me feel better or satisfied in ANY way.

    3) You can't just have one, you buy a packet, if you have one now, you will have another later or tomorrow or next week. ITS A TRAP!!!!

    Its helping me so far - need to keep strong.

    Well done again!!:D :D

  • Thanks for that chocobunny,

    I do keep telling myself all that and yesterday I did actually pinch a ciggy out of my daughters box coz I wanted one soooo bad and took it out in the car with me. Don't do it I hear you cry, well I didn't coz I did keep telling myself that I would light it up and have a puff and I know it will taste like an ashtray smells, so I can do it. It just gets on your nerves to have to constantly keep thinking about not smoking and telling yourself that you won't like it. I hope that this horrible feeling will get less and less as time goes on, I suppose it will.

    I had better go out to my car and throw it away while I feel strong.

    Befly x x

  • You are so strong already, to take it and not light it!!!!!

    Throw it away!!!!:) :) :)

  • Have thrown it away, now get back to work!:D :D

    Befly x x

  • Well done befly,

    You have done extremely well, be very proud of yourself. Read your book again it will remind you what an illusion smoking is.

    Stay strong and you will succeed

    Mark x

  • Well done Befly

    For your 21 days and most of all resisting the one you had of daughter

    Keep strong dont be a fool like me Linda xxxx

  • Yippppeee Yahhhhoooo

    21 Days!!!!!!!!! YAY for you! :D

    Great job for not smoking that awful thing! Stay healthy and clean! I hope I can make it as far as you have cause that is absolutely wonderful! I am only on day 10. Stay strong you are doing GREAT!

  • hey Befly, what a hero you are! I sooo know what you mean about wanting that desire/need to go away. You resisted and I think that's brilliant, not sure I could have done that... Hope you're having a celebration this evening :D :D



    Oh Befly what an amazing person you are. I think you're so fantastic, and such a lovely lovely person. To get as far as you have is brilliant.

    Well done on making such a milestone - three weeks down is fantastic - here's to the next three.

    Big Hugs


  • Thanks so much everyone,

    You are all wonderful lovely people who are always there with that boost, I know I couldn't have made it here on my own, it is so lovely that we all have each other to lean on when we need it.

    Befly x x


  • bloody good stuff, Im celebrating for you with a triple vodka and ginger beer :)

  • Vodka and ginger beer!! hmmm interesting :D

    like del boy lol

    throw in some lucazade and a paper parasol :D hehehehe

  • bloody good stuff, Im celebrating for you with a triple vodka and ginger beer :)

    Only a triple funk are you cutting back these days

    Befly x x

  • Befly are you coming to the quiz tomorrow night hon?


  • depends on my partner , he likes to tie me up on fridays ......

    Befly x x

  • depends on my partner , he likes to tie me up on fridays ......

    Befly x x

    :eek: Shocking!!! lollol

    Leather or silk?? :D

  • He has the leather and I have the silk!

    Didn't know we were having another quiz, who is doing it this week?

    Befly x x

  • You could come as a threesome - you, your partner and the computer???


  • More likely to be me and a large vodka and the computer!

    I have been good and not had a drink since the last quiz, so I am allowed aren't I?

    Befly x x:D

  • Hehehehe


    I'm hosting, Boudees on hols Camping :D Last night she couldn't work the table out so god only knows how she is coping with the tent!! :D hopefully it is up by now :rolleyes: lol

  • Lets hope she has got it up by now! (the tent that is) or she will be cold and wet!:eek: :eek:

    I did used to like camping but I am too old for all that now, like my comforts too much.

    Poor Boudee, hope she gets good weather!

    Befly x x

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