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Over a massive hurdle


So i am currently on day 35 (22), about to go into week 5 and I have overcome the one hurdle I feared. I went out last night and got a little tipsy (or a bit worse lol) and didn't even feel the urge to smoke, not until I was on my way home, and even then I was able to push it aside. I had put off quit attempts in the past because of planned nights out so for me this is a massive achievement.

I won't get cocky or complacent but I do have a quiet confidence that this is it... This is the quest for freedom that I will complete.

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Great mark, brilliant achievement,well chuffed for you :D

Well done Mark, this could well be the one, so no more excuses or reasons as to why you need/have to smoke now do you hear? :p

One other thing, if you are already on day 35 then this is the last day of week 5 and you are, in fact, about to enter week 6! :D

Keep it going :cool:

No excuses at all Capitan, I just want the freedom. And I've been counting the weeks as well, in fact i need to check the days in an app to see where I am lol

Thanks for the replies so far. I'm allowing myself a but of pride in myself but I'm not getting cocky about it :)

I'm not taking anything about this quit for granted Kat. I am always ready for a crave to pop up at any time . I really want to be joining the penthouse next September and I don't want to jeopardise that. I'm looking forward to a smoke free Christmas and panto this year as well - I wonder if I should fabreeze the Christmas tree when I put it up lol

Well done Mark, you are doing so well. Keep it up.

Lillie x

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