No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and 1.5lbs heavier :(

Firstly a big hello to day 5, today's been grand even with the step 2 patch, hopefully the dreams and headaches will ease up now!

Not long back from my WW meeting, 1.5lbs heavier, well suppose tea, two sugars along with a scone, butter and jam every morning this week was bound to catch up on me :eek:

Going to try and focus a bit more on my ww plan this week, it will be good for keeping the mind busy :)

Have a bit of a sore chest today, on and off and coughing, I'm either coming down with something or the lungs are getting rid of the filth :D

How are you all doing? X

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Sounding good Mrs M, scones............mmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D


Aww they really are yummy but need to find a low fat recipe lol or leave my purse at home lol!


Bless you, you deserve a treat, better a scone than a ciggy in the early days especially...I went through packs of sweets like they were about to be outlawed :p


You sound to be doing brilliantly!

I wouldn't worry too much at the moment about weight this week, have all the treats you need to help you through it! :)


Yeah true it's the lesser of two evils :p


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