No Smoking Day
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Jumping to day 4

Good Morning all,

Made it to day 4, so excited, a new tick on the box, taking it a day at a time and awaiting for the 2pm cravings. When I got home last evening I was bad as well, so shouted at the kids (surely they will understand when they are older) and my husband (that is what he is there for:D) but it passed.

The weekend will be another matter.....

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:D:D:D Well done Marta, the worst is definitely over but you probably won't agree for a couple of weeks yet, it does get easier and the cravings do taper off. Arm yourself for the weekend with loads of distractions and you will be fine. Good luck ;)


Your doing it

That's great news your on your way, as for toh, he will understand, well done, it's a fab help here love all the support and just reading encourages us, keep going .:):(:)


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