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No Smoking Day
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Jumping in - 6 days and counting


I was browsing the forums for the last few days, with a sense of acheivement already (hey, now I can look at the day 3!! forum etc)..

6 days into my (hopefully final) stop smoking attempt. I had my last cig at 4pm on Friday afternoon (9.9.11), and after trying the patches so many times before, I've just gone for the total nicotine free approach now.

I think I've already gone through my weekly routine now and avoided a lot of pitfalls (dropping the kids off at nursery and then NOT going to the kiosk for a pack on the way to the train station) and not going out for fags at lunchtime.. But I've had a few wobbly moments including an argument with myself this morning about if just smoking one would really count as failing (I won the argument and skipped the stop at the shop!)

Will hopefully be over the 1 week milestone tomorrow!

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Well done Barney you are doing great.

I avoided the shops to start with and felt really guilty when I had to get the lottery at the cigarette counter and kept saying to myself 'don't ask for cigarettes because you don't smoke' :). It has got a lot easier. Not to say I don't still have times when I think that I want one but it is so much easier saying no now.

Keep going



Hey Barney,

Congratulations! I have never won that argument with myself yet...i'm too tricky ;)

Let us know how you are doing. People like you help me when I need it.



Well done Barney. I can look at ciggarettes at the shop now, and the only thought that overwhelms me is how much they cost! How the hell did I afford two packets a day. Madness....

Good luck.


Well Done YOU ..

Avoiding all the triggers .. and going cold turkey !!

Best Wish's with your quit



Hello barney... I too am on my 100th attempt to quit & also going cold turkey having stupidly sucked in by wonder products (hypno etc). I am on day 5 & have foundit a little betterbut cannot sleep tonight & hoping stay quit forever !

Good luck


Thanks folks..

Still going! The morning wait for the bus/train is still an annoyingly tempting time of the day, but hoping to break the pattern next week when I'm working away from home.


Hey Barney! That's great news about your 1 week milestone! Keep it up mate, you've got everything to gain =D.


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