No Smoking Day
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stinky stinky stinky

Afternoon all....bit hungover so you will have to excuse me lol...

Well did my customer yesterday and was not tempted at all really proud of myself....

Went out with my smoking mates last night and had a good night but had a real bad problem with the smell...I dont want to be one of these ex smokers dictating to everyone but the smell was really making me feel bad it seemed everyone who spoke to me stunk of fags it was so overpowering it was making me feel sick and making me cough just the smell not even the smoke....and I was worried I might have one!!!.....NO WAY!!!

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LOL love it. Im the same now with the smell on people. the problem is I can smell everything and working in a supermarket you can believe I get the chance to. Bad breath, Im heaving, sweat, Im heaving, faggy smell,, heaving, I even get the opportunity to smell urine, how lovely, guess what.....heaving.

At the end of the day its a good thing and pontificate all you want about the smell, you have earned the right after going through the pain of quitting.

Love Lillie xxxx


Lol Lillie thats vile......cheers Max.....i seem to be able to smell it from miles


Well done, and your right the smell is vile... i also cannot stand it, seem to be holding my breath alot around the hubby who is still smoking as only on early days of champix lol, though i don't mind telling him not to breathe on me! :D


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