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The diary of a non smoker - Day 2 am

Struggling this morning folks and feeling very annoyed and defeated as my great positive attitude I had yesterday seems to have disappeared :mad:

I left it a bit late to take of the patch last night and had some crazy dreams so haven't woken in the best of form but need to pick myself up!

It's amazing (and scary) how much the mind can control when it wants to!

Anyways had to pull out the e-cig which has kind of annoyed me but I suppose it's better than the real thing!

Off for a shower then will patch myself up and off to work I go.

Also feeling kind of nervous about the weekend, I just seem up associate it will chilling out and smoking. Well if the worst comes to the worse I have my e-cig just scared I'll get addicted to that instead!

Arrgghhhh I hate this battle why did I ever ****** start smoking :mad:

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Hello Mrs Mash. The E cigs are addictive but they won't kill you. That's what my GP told me anyway. What plan are you following? Are you tapering? I've been doing CT and have finally reached day three. I had some awful moments but I think I have finally got the cravings under control. Every time I have a craving I have to think of all the reasons I don't want to smoke and then ask myself if the craving is genuine. It seems to be working and it seems the cravings are now over pretty quickly and there is very little torment involved. Keep strong, you can do this!


Keep going and try to stay as strong as poss, you will feel even angrier at yourself if you cave in, you know your doing the right thing by giving up the cigs and hopefully the positive attitude will return in full force (hugs) :)

p.s it really is no fun sitting by a bed whilst waiting for said toddler/child to drop off to sleep, been there, done it, got the t-shirt!


Your on your way

Can't really comment on the method you using for your quit, but keep posting and reading, am now 8'weeks on the patch, and am just about realising that all the associations with smoking are just that, habit, don't fear what happening, am sure it,s all quite normal,

I can say with out this forum would never ever have got to 8 weeks, keep reading and using tips from all the pro's on here, you can get there.

One tip I was given was to deep breath, thought was strange , but my word my lovely it works

Keep up the good work your doing great


Just thought I would drop by to say, I will be looking out for your journal in the day 3 section tomorrow. I've been following your posts and I so know you can do this. Also, very often things are more difficult right before they get a little easier so don't give up. I believe that every time we give in to this little beast it gets a little smarter....knows all our trigger points etc. you are really strong to keep getting straight back up and fighting, so remember that and kick this little ******* where it hurts.


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