No Smoking Day

Day 2 as a non smoker

Hello :)

Had my last cigarette at 11.00pm on Sunday night so I've come directly to the day 2 forum.

This is my third go at quitting. Previously I've tried Hypnosis and patches. This time I've gone with Zyban which certainly made the ciggies taste disgusting enough to make me cut down and so I then thought I might as well give up fully. I wasn't enjoying the taste like I used to.

It's now been 2 days with no form of nicoteen. The longest I've been without nicoteen for 18 years! :eek:

This time certainly feels different to the other times I've tried to give up. I used to be a heavy weed smoker until last November when I just decided to knock it on the head and haven't smoked a joint since although I have ended up smoking more cigarettes to compensate.

I know if I have the will power to stop smoking weed I can have the will power to stop smoking cigarettes. I do feel as though this time my decision with the ciggies is as strong as my decision was nearly a year ago with joints. I think am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I'm not going to smoke again. That's a hard fact to deal with, but I am dealing with it unlike previous attempts.

I'm feeling quite dizzy at times, a little bit irritable, had an awful night's sleep last night and often have to remind myself I don't smoke anymore when my mind tells me it's smoke time. I'm hoping by the end of the week things will start getting easier and this non-smoking life I'm now living will become more natural.

I've got a real test coming tomorrow as I'm going to a wedding and lots of my friends will be there drinking and smoking. I'm sure I'll be strong enough not to smoke. I'll just tell myself that I really don't want to go through this withdrawal again and while I may enjoy a ciggy, it'll only prolong the pain.

Anyway thanks for reading...if you did...and if you didn't...doesn't matter as I think I writing this made me feel better anyway as it's good to get the feelings out.

Bye for now :)

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Good 4 U Tubby2!

I have had a harder time kickin the cig habit over the weed habit! I think I enjoyed cigs alot more! Plus cigs were alot easier to get! You WILL do this! I am getting to the point where I am REALLY feeeling the positive effects of not smoking! It's a wonderful feeling!!:D keep it up!

I am working on my 16th day of NOT smoking!:cool:

Not smoked for: 0Y 2W 1D 3H 10M not smoked: 151 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 40.86. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 12H 6M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM. Download This Quitmeter free from


Hello, I think when you get that thought in your head that this is it this time you are ready.

You need to kick the weed first then go for the fags and you have done just that. Well done and I am sure you will do it.

I found reading about the bad effects of smoking and watching clips on you tube about the bad effects of smoking has helped me. Everytime i felt like a smoke i reminded my self of just how bad it is for you.

I also really dont think i could have got this far without the support of this forum. I have tried before and always failed but coming on here everyday has help me so much.

So please stick around and i am sure you will get all the support you need.


Welcome on board tubby2

and congratulations on your quit!!

You sound very positive and all done with that smoking malarkey!

I am sure you will have a wonderful smoke free time at the wedding :D

It'll be a great hurdle to jump x x

Maybe you could take a bag of sweets or gum just in case the craves come?

If your with a group and it feels hard, go and mingle elsewhere till the crave settles.

Oh have a wonderful time ;)

I love a wedding :D

~Buffy x x


Welcome Tubby2 and the very best of luck. We're all here with you :)


Hello and Welcome!! Good luck on your quit! We are all here for you and I know you can do it! :D


hi Tubby2 and a warm WELCOME to you1!!!! your post was very honest and from the heart.You will do geat!!


Welcome tubby2 and congrats on quitting the ciggies too! When you quit the joints you proved to yourself how determined you can be, that's just great you should be very proud, I'm sure you'll win this war against nicotine as well. Enjoy the wedding - and whatever the evil nicotine monster may whisper in your ear, DO NOT LISTEN TO IT ;) Life is much better smoke-free, for real.


it's hard but all worth it

Ive read all your comment on how well people are doing even on their first day

i gave up once for a day and found it soo hard

are you finding it really difficult?

hi Christina - i believe people here are writing so positive because they let themselves allow get supported by the others in the forum-my last cigarette was 5 days ago and i would not have been able to do it without the help of champix which truly takes the craving away abd helps you to focus on overcoming the psychological cravings - i've realized already on day 1 that not smoking gives me more time, and even though i always was convinced it relaxes me having a fag it's doing the opposite - i feel already a bit less stressed - go and speak to your gp to get patches if you have not tried them before or zyban which they will give you next, but some will give you champix instead of zyban - i spent 5 years of almost daily thoughts of giving up smoking - you'lll stop when you are ready and i'm sure you'll it soon and if you're doing it you'll get support from us

good luck:D




It isn't easy at all x x x

But by getting the right support, finding a method to aid you and by planning ahead and filling your time and your hands ANYBODY! Can quit smoking.

You can not just switch it off you have to work at it x x x x

I hope that by registering here means that you are thinking about it.

Keep posting and good luck x

~Buffy x x


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