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No Smoking Day
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150 days as a non-smoker

Today is the 150th day I have been smoke free, and I have been mulling over the benefits how this has affected my life of which there are many firstly and most importantly my health. I was having difficulty walking because of poor circulation I couldn’t walk very far before the pain became unbearable that is no longer the case! Because my blood has more oxygen coursing through my veins instead of carbon dioxide from the cigarette smoke, and this alone was enough to shout from the roof tops (Don’t Smoke) but there are more benefits I can now walk up stairs without gasping for air at the top of the stairs.

While smoking I had to have tests in the hospital for a variety of problems heart etc. and the results of the tests was the catalyst for my decision to stop smoking, I thought I am not ready to die I am only 65, I have family and grandchildren I want to see grow up! Well the good news on that front is, I recently had to have the tests again but this time as a non-smoker and the results had changed dramatically for the better and the consultant gave me a much rosier picture than the last time I had seen him.

Now I know I am not out of the woods yet, but by stopping smoking it gives me a better chance, I often thought that the damage was done at my age and for the length of time I have smoked it wasn’t worth bothering, but as I now know it is so worth stopping because even if some of the damage is irreparable the quality of life is so much better.

So my advice for what it’s worth if you can stop do so!!!! The younger the better, but also you are never too old to stop the benefits to your health are wonderful.

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That's really brilliant!!

It's great you're able to really see the benefits of stopping *and* get it confirmed that your health is imrpoving.

I hope you have a long healthy, non-smoking life :)


I echo what Gemma has said, well done and so pleased that you are feeling the benefits of stopping. As you so rightly say it is never too late to give up. I hope you go on and feel the benefits for a long long time to come:)


Rex, you really are an inspiration. Listen up all those who are looking in and are toying with the idea of quitting, Rex was seriously ill and in constant pain from circulation problems and had breathing difficulties! He can now get to the top of the stairs without near collapse, his hospital tests are looking better, he's got the best phone on the market, and, he's about to buy a fantastic telly. Don't wait - to use an old cliché, life is too short to fritter away to a plant, also, you can afford nice things ;)


well done Rex!

I have just 'done' 100 days....and can say, I feel so much stronger-physically but also mentally too.

Biggest changes, is my breathing, I don't cough anymore-at all! no wheezing and can take a BIG breath and not cough and splutter.

great isn't it? xxx


Loved your post, wonderful to hear how far you've come along. It's never too late to live better :)


Thanks for that post Rex. It reinforces so many reasons why we should stay quit. Not that I was looking for a reason to go back. Best of health to you!


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