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Hi will be 8weeks Saturday on the patch, not quite sure what to do yesterday, just read the forum all day, so ate and ate and ate cannot say how much food I had but am sure was enough for family of four, woke up this morning and feel so terrible like its a battle I cannot win, on the patch am I being stupid and think I am, pretending iv'e stopped smoking when on the patch feel so terrible, what do I do advice needed please thanks for reading :confused::confused::confused:

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Oooooh oooooh gosh

Thank you for reading and replying, I cannot go and buy any white sticks to night as I don't do the dark (another story) but as usual on this forum always there to help, I do hope it's what you say and not me being very very weak THANKYOU . Just feel soooooo bad how can this happen I would have thought I would have been able to cope by now, smoked 30 years thanks :(

Everyone's quit is different Tracey, you're doing so so well, eight weeks is huge! I have no experience of patches though so can't comment on that....

You've done the right thing though, post on here as often as you feel the urge, it's the best aid you'll have..

As for eating, enjoy! You can worry about that later; my weight's been up and down like a yo-yo (for the first time in my life) but I'd rather be a few pounds heavier than smoke again....:)

Tracey, take a look in the 1 year + thread, there are 35 pages of it.

Each one of those people, including me, went through some or all of the doubts, fears, questions, withdrawals, battles and struggles that you are experiencing. All of us, at one time or another, wondered whether we would ever make it, whether we would ever be free of the evil weed and live a smoke free life.

We all got there. Have faith in yourself and trust in those who have made it. It really does get better and a smoke free life is achievable.

Stay strong and the promised land will be yours.

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