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Patches verses camp what ver it's called


Has any one realy ever ever ever managed to quit on the patch, now on step down and. Do take them off befor bed although always seem to have headache, . But the question is I cannot take that champ thingie (not sure what it,s called for med reasons, but on viewing this forum like every min of every day ( lol) it seems to me that all of you on camp thingy seem to do so much better why is that ? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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i tried champix (take it thats what you mean),..about 5 years ago,..had some mental dreams,..unbelieveable!....didnt work for me at all,..doc told me to stop immedeaitely!!

patches work for me,..just need to stay strong, really doesnt hurt!...(keep telling myself that)

i take my patch off at night,..dont think i need it,..sleep really well

stay strong!

i use spray and mint tabs too!! that wrong?

i must add,..i was an extremely heavy smoker!...40 plus per day!

yes!!...though the first time i used it,..i sprayed it like they did in the ad,..i nearly died!!!!!!!!! jesus!!!!!!!! help me!

bad wasnt the word

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