Day 5 Toyah

Morning folks.....well I managed to get through day 4...

today is going to be a my best friends hair to do this morning, and we usually have a smoke together, suppose I can sniff her hair and think mine used to smell like that lol she will think I've gone mad....

also tonight I am out with all my smoking friends...:eek:......wish me luck...but really I dont need it as I am not going to smoke!!!!!!!!!...:cool:

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  • Well done Toyah. You seem like you have a great attitude towards getting free and I think you will do it. Enjoy doing your friends hair and going out tonight as a non smoker :D because that's what you are.

  • Good Morning Toyah, congrats on getting to day five, the worst is actually over now even though you probably still feel like you're on a knife edge. When you're out tonight just keep reminding yourself of how hard you've worked to get this far and you are now a non smoker and that Nicdemon will not worm his way in again. Good Luck and have loads of fun :D

  • Thanks both of you....will keep sniffing my friends and reminding myself how bad I used to smell because that was one of my biggest hates about smoking that I was all glammed up and smelt like an ashtray!!!.....

    Does anyone crave coffee? cause I cant stop drinking it at the moment...xx

  • Coffee is my second addiction, after food ;)

  • Peppermint tea for me.......can only ave a couple of cups of coffee now as too much and it gives me the shakes!

  • Well just finished my friend and had a good sniff and it was vile...she said she is packing up on Monday we shall see...

    Just dont know what it is with the coffee just cant stop drinking it...xx

  • WTG Toyah! Keep up the great job!

  • Thanks Viking ....xx

  • Wonderful news

    Congratulations Toyah, you are doing really well if you think it smells bad now wait a few weeks and it will be really vile and the worse it smells the more determined you will be to never be like that again as for the coffee I started drinking more than usual I think it's just something to do instead of smoking but as time has gone by I am now only drinking about 170 cups a day Lol

  • lol Rex 170 cups a day love it...and yes went out last night and it ****** stinks!!..xx

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