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Way to go hun you are doing so well :)

ive just seen this and thought i would share how amazing is this lady at the age of 64 swimming from cuba to florida :eek:

shows you what being determined is really about i know you have had your moments but you can win this battle and you dont have to swim through shark infested waters like this lady

here is a link to the story

i do hope your day is good Val

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


Carol xx

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to energetic for this time of the day Carol!

Het Val, look at you (and smell you too :D) day 5 you really are striding with your head high on this quit aren't you!

catch up laters



Thanks, Carol and Trea!xxx

I think I'll pass on the swimming, thank you :o , but it must be said that I do smell rather nice today.:D My skin is much improved, too.

My bank account is benefitting from not spending £6.42 every day on fags and chewing gum. By the end of today, I'll have saved £38.52 and that is half the cost of a much needed new pair of shoes. I have a dodgy foot and need a certain type of footwear which is bl**dy expensive.:mad:

It has been money which has driven me to quit; all of the other benefits of quitting would come along anyway, but I was struggling to afford even basic things like food and clothing, so I didn't really have much choice in the matter.

But whatever the reason for quitting, I am certainly beginning to see the benefits in so many ways and the thought of spending nearly £7 a day on that cr*p is horrifying.:(

Well, let Day 5 be a good one. I'm on a day off today and am going to Bath to see my youngest daughter who is at Uni there. No doubt that'll be another tenner handed over and another food and toiletries parcel to be bought!:rolleyes: But I will be better able to afford it in future, so that is yet another benefit of quitting!:)

The benefits are now coming in quicker than the excuses used to.:D


YAY well done Val, you're doing this so well :D :D

Isn't it fab to see the benefits coming on as well - bet food's tasting loads better as well!!

Lol, wish I'd "only" spent £6.42 on fags :eek:

Well, let Day 5 be a good one. I'm on a day off today and am going to Bath to see my youngest daughter who is at Uni there.

Ooh heck, don't get arrested, I heard the police there are scary!!

Very anti-smoking too :p


OMG Carol I've just read your link on 64 year old swimmer !! It just goes to show, but she has been a lifetime swimmer, even so...


Here it is from me





Thank you, Gemma, Max, woo and debbie!xxxxxx

So far, today has been a very good day, which is brilliant. If Nicodemon hears me say that, he may think that I am vulnerable to attack, but my guard is up!

Quite a few times today, I have thought of fags, but as soon as the thought appears .......... it disappears again.:eek::D That is totally different to yesterday, which was my worst day so far, but it shows me what an up and down journey this is!

I have been coughing a bit today........yucky, yucky, yucky, but I understand that it is a sign of my lungs having a good clear out. When I think of the damage I have done to my poor body over the last 41 years, I could weep. Still, I can't turn the clock back and so I just have to do what I can for the future. I don't drink and I have a physical job which gives me plenty of exercise, so apart from the fags, my heath ain't too bad, and I am very thankful for that. (Could well do with losing a bit of blubber, though.:o)

I had a lovely, lovely day in Bath today with my daughter and as my finances continue to improve I can do it more often. Another day, another benefit! :D




Your doing amazing! Its so uplifiting to see. Keep it up. :D


Well done!!! I hope you report back to tell me it gets easier (I'm on day 2 cold turkey and its' killing me)

you are an inspiration x


Thank you, Abi and SweetB! xxx

Today has been so good, especially when compared with yesterday :eek::D.

Yesterday I was so low and so tempted. Today has been so good, but I couldn't have appreciated today's high if I had succumbed yesterday, because I would still be miserable at having caved in. Also, if I had caved in, I would have had to go back to Day 1 again:(. I wouldn't want to do that; it would be like some nightmarish version of snakes and ladders.:eek:

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and's the wonderful support from the lovely people on here that keeps me going. :)




sweetb, congratulations on day 2 and YES it does get so much easier, what I found most useful was the support of this forum as I am sure Val will agree xxx


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