Wayne and Val's first day!

Wayne and I have decided to share a thread, as we are quit buddies! It is very early on Day 1. We have stayed up late so that we could have our ceremonial last fags just before midnight and then move on to Day 1 as soon as possible.:D

I really need to go to bed as I have to be up at 5.30am.:(

Wayne....I'll be back tomorrow at about mid-day. Aren't we doing brilliantly!

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  • Wayne and I have decided to share a thread, as we are quit buddies! It is very early on Day 1. We have stayed up late so that we could have our ceremonial last fags just before midnight and then move on to Day 1 as soon as possible.:D

    I really need to go to bed as I have to be up at 5.30am.:(

    Wayne....I'll be back tomorrow at about mid-day. Aren't we doing brilliantly!

    Yes you are doing brilliantly. You may only be a few hours in, but even recognising that you need to take action to claim your freedom back and beat this addiction is a big milestone. Make no mistake, the road in the first few days and weeks can be a rocky one, filled with traps for the unwary, but you must never lose sight of the fact that it does get easier and you cannot now begin to imagine how worth while it is to persevere with your decision.

    The value of forums like this one is huge - a massive resource of experiences, which people on exactly the same journey that you have set out on, are willing to share. Some may be further down the road than you, but we are all on the same road and understand completely your worries and doubts.

    The best advice I can give is - read, read, and read. Then read some more. Really understand your addiction and you are well on the way to beating it. Know the value of quit buddies but also understand the weakness - if one caves, often the other one follows - not saying you will, just that "it happens". Think about your reasons for quitting - the very best reason you can have, IMHO, is to quit for yourself - not anyone else; this is not a sacrifice for anyone, just your decision to claim your freedom back!

  • Brilliant, you are in the right frame of mind to do this. Keep reading threads of all that have come out the other side and you will know you can do this, it's not easy but it's definitely doable :D

  • Good luck guys - you can do this. One day at a time - and if any day ever feels too hard, just think that down here in Oz the day is 9 hours nearer being over - or might even be over already - it might make getting to the end of teh day withoit smoking seem a slightly easier task.

    I agree with everything everyone else has said, and I'd just add that in these early days just take it hour bu hour, day by day - don't think about never smoking again, just concentrate on not smoking now, today. Thats all

    Good luck

  • it is as I said last night, like the awaited birth, of the bud blooming, like the sun coming out after the rain ( that's a really nice smell as you will soon learn)!!:D:D

    Today will be tough, tomorrow the same, Sunday you may be ready to kill and then...breathe, deeply as the pleasure of quitting begins, you smell things differently (not always a good thing:eek:), taste is different-'who put salt on my dinner?!':mad:, you begin to breathe better and your circulation improves. :DI sometimes re-read my posts from the second and third week to remind myself what I gain everyday as I take it for granted now.:rolleyes::cool:

    Good luck my friends, go kick his butt, drink loads of water too as you kinda forget to drink if you are avoiding coffee/tea.

    hey and post as much as you need, someone will be around :)

  • Good luck to you both!!! We are all here to help but I have a feeling you are going to do brilliantly!!


  • Good luck both of you! :D

  • You can do it Wayne and Val,

    You can be next years Max and Kat !!!


  • Thank you all for your lovely posts. So much very good advice and lovely encouragement.

    I am doing much better than I thought possible, it's amazing. Reading other peoples' experiences and success stories gives my determination such a big boost, so thank you to everyone, again.:):)

    I've not long been in from work and have found that if I relax and let my guard down, that poxy nicotine monster starts to nag at me. But I know that he ain't gonna beat me.....oh, no! I am armed (with lots of chocolate and nuts :D:D) and extremely dangerous (only to nicoine monsters, though ;)).

    I will have a quick scout around for Wayne.......I thought he might have posted by now. I hope he is doing OK.

  • Still stewing about last night.

    Do you mean those messages? I will send you a nice pm. You haven't had a fag, have you?

  • Do something Wayne, quickly. Do something that needs your concentration, to get those horrible people and thoughts out of your mind. Think of the lovely people on here, instead.

    It's just a little bit of a rough patch which you can get over by applying your mind to something else. It will pass. It will. Honestly.

    PS Getting through this patch will give you the experience to be able to get through the next one. Because there will be more, but we are fighting the battle NOW, Wayne; it's what we have been preparing for, remember? Get through it and you will feel unbelievably good about yourself!

  • I'm going to trawl the internet now, to find out how much our health has improved now, Wayne.

    There will be plenty more rough patches in this battle. It was always going to have rough patches ....that's what this battle brings. We have to get through them to win..........and win we will!! :cool:

  • Well, here is a good link for seeing the health improvements so far.


    Hope it works. :)

  • Good luck both of you :)

  • Thank you, Angela!

    I've had the feeling a few times now that I ought to have a fag, but then I tell myself that I don't smoke any more. It must be the habit, I suppose.

    Today hasn't been anything like as bad as I had feared. But I'm a bit concerned that the initial excitement of stopping will wear off. I'm feeling quite proud of myself right now and am worried that that feeling might be replaced by something else, as I have read that some people get a sort of empty feeling after a few days.

    I suppose the best thing will be to have a strategy in place, in case it does happen. I think my strategy will be to live on here as much as possible!:D

    Blimey....less than 6 hours and I can move on to the Day 2 thread. I do hope Wayne will be coming too. :)

  • Only 4 hours until Day 2. Mustn't eat as much chocolate and nuts tomorrow, or the pounds will start piling on.:rolleyes:

    I shall just come on here and witter every now and then this evening, because it helps. I shalln't post between 8.30 and 9 o'clock though, as Gardener's World will be on. :o:D

  • Well done - day 1 nearly under your belt! You may find you have quite a few early nights at the start of your quit as it makes time to quicker!

  • Thanks, sjt! I actually fell asleep on the sofa for nearly 2 hours this evening, so that has got me quite a bit nearer to Day 2.....every little helps. :D

    I normally get up for work at 5.30am, which makes the day a bit long, but this morning I got up at just before 6am because I didn't have to go through the fags palaver.....go to shed, get out folding chair, have 2 fags with cuppa. Then have cereal, then back outside for another fag. Put chair back in shed, wash hands to get rid of smoke smell.:o How ridiculous. What a waste of time.:mad::D

    I have saved about £6.50 today, by not smoking. My bank account is delighted, as am I.

    Haven't seen Wayne since early this afternoon. I hope he is OK. We are supposed to be moving on to Day 2 together tomorrow..........


  • Gosh, thanks Kat for such an inspiring post!:) I certainly am proud of it and am so full of admiration for everyone who, like yourself, have achieved so very much and have really, really quit.

    As it is so late, I might get ready for bed, stay logged on and get myself into Day 2.:D

    Yes, Wayne did get some shocking pm's from a couple of people. Despicable.:(

    It's terrible that a couple of nasty people can wipe out everything that the good people have done for someone.:mad:

    But Wayne knows that we all care about him, and that whether or not he has had a fag today, we are here to help him get through this journey.:)

  • I am not so great with figuring out the time difference between our zones - but I believe you are on Day 2 now?! I think it is great the support you are giving Wayne - and I am sure you are finding the same support here. I am sorry Wayne has received some foul messages. :( He gave me some helpful tips on managing my weight gain from my quit. Anyway - you guys have some tough days ahead of you - but log on here often and everyone will help you through it! I wish you both great success!!! :D

  • Thank you, Melzee! It's 1 o'clock, lunchtime here.:) Yes, we are into Day 2 now and yes, it's a real shame that Wayne isn't here. At least if he's reading the forum he'll know that we care!:) Would be lovely if you could pop into our Day 2 thread........:) then I could ask you how you are doing with your quit!

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