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Val (Noggins) third day

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Yahhh you got through to day 3 how brill is that

:D :D :D :D :D


And as others have said on your previous thread this is your quit and you are doing so well hun :)

You can do this

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

sending hugs your way



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Val, in 6 months time, we can be in the same room as we are exactly 5 months apart, I shall look forward to it and save you a comfy seat and a glass of something nice;). you are so determined that you will make it there- I have no doubt.

Enjoy day 3

T xx

carol, lostie and Trea......this is just a very quick post to say thank you so much for your lovely posts! xxxxxxxx

I am about to write a post which will probably be the length of a short novel :eek::D, but I didn't want to be seen as being on here but not having thanked you for your loveliness (es)!:):):)

I like it here in the Day 3 department!:D

Well done hun, am so glad you're getting on OK :)

Day 3 is great!!

Well, I don't know where to start really!:o

Carol, thank you for putting your neck on the line and opening this Day 3 thread:eek: xxxxx and thank you to lostie and Trea too for believing that I would be arriving here!xxxx If I had succumbed yesterday evening, then I would have been ashamed this morning for having let you lovely, lovely people down.:( :( But I didn't succumb and it feels so good now, especially considering that.........

...........I was at such a low ebb last night that I forgot to take my second blue Champix!:eek: I only discovered I'd forgotten it when I took my morning one today!:eek:

Honestly, it gave me the collywobbles when I saw it in the box, but then I thought "well, look at that....I didn't take it and I didn't even notice that I hadn't taken it!"

Now, that turns out to be a really good thing actually, because although I know that I will never smoke another cigarette, I was a bit anxious about coming off the Champix eventually. It has given me the confidence that I will be able to do it when the time comes.

I will never smoke another cigarette, but neither will I ever let my guard down. I know what could go through my mind.......that I have been for x days without a fag, I know I can always quit again, so one fag won't hurt.

But one fag, one poxy, stinking, vomit-inducing puff is all it would take to get me addicted again. One puff, just a few seconds, would undo all of this hard work. That must not and will not happen.

Well, just look at the time......I'm halfway through Day 3! :D I can hardly believe it and it is all due to the wonderful, lovely, amazing, supportive, kind and caring people on this brilliant forum.

I went down to my shed this morning and by the door was my old ashtray. Well, it wasn't an ashtray as such; what I used to do was half-fill an old plastic milk carton with water and I would drown my fag butts in it. When it was full, I'd screw the cap back on it, wrap the whole thing up in two supermarket carrier bags and put it in the wheelie bin.:o I didn't feel anything really, when I saw was no more than if I'd seen a piece of litter in the garden.

Anyway, it's time for a bit of lunch and, unlike Days 1 and 2, I haven't got an embarrassing amount of chocolate to eat afterwards to reward myself for not having a fag. Can't have the chocolate monster moving into the nicotine monster's old room!

I shall return for more witterings later, as it does me the world of good to let it all out! :D

Well done hun, am so glad you're getting on OK :)

Day 3 is great!!

Thanks, Gemma!xxxx

How are things for you, today? If that e-cig is giving you any hassle, let me know and I'll come down and smash his lights in! :D

Good news

Congratulations on the doing so well I would just like to point out if you smoked it's yourself you would be letting down not us! You would be risking having possible health problems in the future, so for your own sake continue being a non-smoker because it really does get easier! It's been 6 weeks and 3 days for me since I last tried to poison myself, and I am feeling so much better, in so many ways, Its wonderful not being a slave to a horrible drug and Its fantastic not having to go outside for a fix and feel like a leper an outcast from your friends and family it can be summed up in one word FREEDOM. Good Luck

Well done Val! I knew you had it in you!!! Don't worry about coming off the Champix - as far as I remember I didn't even notice coming off it - cigarettes still smelt awful to me even weeks after coming off it.

You are doing brilliantly and will have reached a week in no time!!

Sarah x

yeah way to go

:D :D

I'm so glad and happy to see you still fighting and determined to beat this nicotine monster

Keep that positive mindset and you will sail through this quit Val

Onwards and upwards is the only place to go




reading you 'long wittering' post, I found myself smiling- you will so very much make this quit, you sound so positive and well, treating it as enjoyable.

Massive HUGS for making me have a smiley Sunday :):):):)

anyway, half way through day 3!

Stick the lid on your milk bottle and keep it a couple of days- it'll really stink, I kept my ashtray for a week..YUK!

enjoy your afternoon xx

Thanks, Gemma!xxxx

How are things for you, today? If that e-cig is giving you any hassle, let me know and I'll come down and smash his lights in! :D

It's lovely to see you so positive!! :)

Think it's fair to say i haven't had the best of weeks, so am not going to attack the e-cig again until I'm feeling more settles :eek: so it's not causing problems at the mo. I will beat it though :D :D


Hello again Val the Nog:),

How great to see you strong and resolute in day 3:D:D I've been following your posts and it seems you are mentally in the right place to follow this through. As you so rightly point out, this forum truly is a wonderful place for support, and you can immerse yourself in it for hours / days when you need a little inspiration. One of the problems is digging out those posts which really hammer the message home - but to help you with this, there is a sticky post called 'Good Post Library' under the 'Help to Stop' section. This is where other members list those threads which have really helped them in their fight - maybe you've already found this, but worth a mention in case you haven't;)

Way to go, big well done!

Your be a week before you know it.


Hi Val. Just wanted to say well done on your quit... Champix really is amazing when it sound so positive I'm sure you can do this & I wish you all the best :)

So many thanks to Rex, Sarah, Carol, Trea, Gemma, Eggy, Jules and Isolde for you lovely messages! xxxxxxxxxxx

I can say this categorically - there is no way on this Earth that I could have made it this far without this place and the amazing and brilliant and caring people who live here! Yes, the Champix took away the desperate need for fags, but I have a suspicion that I might have caved in once or twice if it wasn't for this place and the support of it's lovely people.

As I trundle on into Days 4 to 7 tomorrow (:D), I am very aware that there is absolutely no room for complacency in this battle. But, as Carol says...onwards and upwards is the only way!



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