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Stupid is one word for it.


As you will probably have gathered from the title, not a good day.

If I'm honest, it went wrong and very quickly downhill yesterday after I had posted (bragged - pride comes before a fall and all that jazz) that I had had my last fag at 2.30 pm.


Needless to say, I smoked a few more cigs yesterday up to 10 pm and then my stubborn side kicked in and I made a promise to myself that that was it.

Things went fine until 5 pm today when I sucumbed to one of them there thingys - why after going on 18 hours did I do something so daft, stupid and silly as I gained nothing just lost all credability.

If anyone knows/has the answer to that question I would love to hear it.

Ashamed is one word for it as it is my own stupidity and weakness that is to blame.

Apologies to all.

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If at first you dont succeed

Don't be ashamed,we have all done it at one time(me more than once):(

Please just go back to day1 and start again,and hopefully you will learn your triggers and avoid the trap next time....You,ll be fine....Good luck.:D

Aww that's a shame but we've all been there - more than once for me!!

The thing that matters is that you *want* to quit and you will do it, but like Max says you have to choose your weapons :)

I can't quit cold turkey, it doesn't work unless I'm ill for like a week so have tried and succeeded with NRT and Allen Carr.

There isn't a "right" way to quit, except for the one that works for you :)

Awww, I am sorry

It seems to me you DEFINITELY want this quit and you want it to stick. I was unsuccessful 5 times. Each time I quit "temporarily" it was for about 2 weeks. I could NOT make it past 14 days to save my life. Each time I quit I went Cold Turkey...(Sometimes I would chew Nic gum to ease the withdrawal somewhat, but I found they did not work) This time was it for me. I was sick and tired of quitting and I just HAD to do it. I quit again permanently on April 30th. I again went Cold Turkey and it was so hard for the first 3 days. The reason I did it Cold Turkey each time was to make myself suffer so I would NOT want to pick it up again. This last time worked with that method and I do NOT crave nor do I want a cigarette.

I have distinguished two ways that people think or crave about smoking. Either its a "thought" or its a "crave." There definitely is a difference to them both, but I just haven't figured how there is a difference. Do I think about smoking? Yes, periodically through out the week I do...Is it a lot? Not anymore. There are days when I do NOT even think about it anymore. Do I crave...This is where I was getting these two confused. I don't feel like I crave cigarettes. I think it is just a thought now with me. I absolutely don't feel like I did when I was one day 1-3 of my quit. So I feel there is a difference between thinking about it and craving it.

You will get where I am today as long as you stand up to yourself and say NO...I am BETTER than that cigarette. I will "NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF" My problems will still be there even if I smoke a cigarette. The cigarette is NOT going to fix my problems... You will do this...I have faith in everyone...Did I want to quit? Hell no, I enjoyed smoking...I did it for myself because I want to live a long, healthy life...and I did it for my family because I wanted to grow old with them... I hope this helped you...

Everytime I write about my journey in quitting it definitely helps me...

Kyle :D:D:D:D:D:):):):):)

Hi Buttons,

Have you read the Allen Carr book? I found it a very useful tool because it explains all of the reasons why people struggle to give up and how to overcome them. You can get the book for about £3 delivered on eBay - I would certainly recommend reading it. I have only been nine days without a cigarette but I can honestly say that I haven't found it very difficult after reading that book.

To each and every single one of you

That took time out to reply to my posting - I can't thank you enough.

Sound advice from all - now all I have to do is convince my mind/brain that it is possible to do this.

Can't quite believe that I found this site purely by accident - looking for something totally unrelated to smoking and/or quitting but I am so very glad that I did.

Never give up giving up seems to be the key so with that in mind I will just pick myself up and damp myself down (dusting myself off is too much like hard work in this heat! :D) and start once again.

What's past is past and nothing will change what has happened but I can change my future so onwards and upwards and here we go! :):)

Thanks again everyone and it's a privelege to belong and made to feel so welcome although with my posting it's possible you may live to regret it as once I start, I don't know when to stop:eek:!

Looking forward to a great journey although it may not always be smooth, I feel that this time, I can make it (obviously with a little help!)

Enjoy the rest of this hot afternoon.

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