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Made it to week 2!


Hi all,

As per my previous posts, thanks to all of your support and good wishes - believe me they have been a source of great comfort and inspiration over the last week.

Generally I have to say that every day has been easier than the previous one, and although I am sick of the minty lozenge taste, both me my my wife agree I'm managing better than expected.

Every now and again I get caught off guard, like this morning where I came so close to going and buying some fags, justifying it in my head that as I'd managed a week without smoking I could always have one and then give up again, but managed to resist.

Am seriously hoping that it carries on improving as it is easy and hard at the same time if that makes sense.

I do feel more tired than normal, and generally a bit under the weather, not sure if this is a reaction to the stopping smoking or just coincidental but am hoping it passes soon.

Anyway thanks for your support and encouragement again, and look forward to posting next week in the week 3 section.

And good luck and stay strong to all you other quitters out there!


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Hi Matt,

Congrats for making it to week 2 :D, you'll stop counting the days before you know it (I had to look at a calender this morning to count how many days for me! 21 now by the way). I know exactly what you mean about it being hard and easy at the same time. Most of the time it's fine but those urges just come out of leftfield and blindside you, but if you ride them out (they don't last long by the way, they just seem to!) then you'll think 'I can't believe I was thinking about starting again' Keeo going matey, it does get easier by the way :)

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