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So, last week I had a stomach flu, and was ill in bed for 24 hrs. Once up again but feeling queazy and no cigarettes to be found I decided this was the time to quit. Sure it has been on my mind but the time was never right, or another excuse got in the way of giving up this habit. I've been a pack or two a week smoker for 10 years, had stopped for 8 years before beginning the habit again.

I accidentally found this site on Day 4 of my attempt to remain a non smoker, I've been nauseous a lot since quitting and starting seeking out info and stumbled onto this site, I think this type of tool can make a big difference in my sticking with it!! Thanks to all the posts I been reading, I am as ready as I'll ever be for the challenge ahead this week... Day by day.

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It surely makes a difference a whole community going through the same as you are.

Not to me the “welcomes” as I am more of a guest in terms of presence and activity than a member, but, glad you are here and that you went already this far on your own. Four days are a great achievement, practically done! Just remain focused, hold on the resolution and, as you understood yourself, move slowly: day by day. Good luck and, well done!!

Hi and welcome :)

Well done on quitting and staying quit

This place is a gem as its full of people that know exactly what you are going through so can offer all the support and encouragement you need

Staying focused on your quit one day at a time and when a crave comes along distract your mind till it passes which it will and the further down the road you go the easier it will become to keep staying no

Writing a list of reasons to stay quit will help too and think of all the money you are going to be saving that you can save up and treat yourself :D

Plus the biggest one is getting the control back in your life

onwards and upwards is the only way to go


i look forward to reading your progress


Hi and welcome Rdane

Well done on quitting thus far; you will find lots of valuable support on here - I know that I wouldn't have come this far without it!!!

Good Luck :D:D:D

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