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New and loving the forum


Hi everyone. I'm Christina.

I am on day 2 of Champix and my quit date is next Monday! I'm driving myself slowly bonkers just thinking about it all, even though I haven't even stopped yet!

I've been looking through the forum in my lunch break and I must say a very well done to everyone. Not just for giving up smoking/re-trying but for how you all support each other. Every message I've read has been very helpful.

I trust I'll be around, especially from next Monday!

Take it easy =)

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Hahaha I was hoping to go with the whole healthy snack idea with fruit (I must take about 45 apples into work that day) but your idea sounds a lot more tempting! I'm already drinking gallons of water because this Champix has given me a dry mouth. It's the only side effect so far though so I'm glad!

Every message I've read has been very helpful.

Obviously you ain't read any of mine yet ;):D

Welcome to the forum Christina, you'll get all the help and support you need from the guys on here, keep positive about your quit and you'll be amazed what you can achieve with the correct frame of mind.

Obviously you ain't read any of mine yet ;):D

Haha I only had half an hour for lunch and there's so much stuff to read here!'s not lunchtime now so I'm blatently skiving when I check back here - but it's for a good cause =).

Thanks for the messages =)

All the very best Christina.

Your spot on with your forum comments, I would neve have got this far without the help, support and advice of this forum.

Good luck with your quit and enjoy the chocolate cake :)


I would never have got this far without the help, support and advice of this forum.


That's so true for me too and i know for many, many others also.

Well I'm glad I found the forum! Speaking of chocolate cake, I might get the oven mits on again as something to do when I need to keep busy! At least those nearest to me will be chuffed if it means Peaky's Bakery is open for business!

Hi Christina all the best and welcome to the forum, it really is great and full of support.

Best wishes for Monday :)

Hi Peaky,

Best of luck with your quit! Your like me, I spend ages on this everyday, though I should be working!!!

It has been so helpful to read all the posts and dont forget to join the Champix group as it is very informative!!

Good luck for Monday!!!:)

Thanks for all the welcomes! Funny you should say that Sinead because I navigated my way there about 10 mins ago. Will be able to read through more forum messages when I get some time at home. It's all brilliant stuff x

I literally can't stop eating at the moment. Just the thought of chocolate cake is making me drool. And I've just had dinner. And two puddings.

Welcome to the forum Christina, you have found a haven of support and loveliness. There is absolutely not the slightest doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have got this far without it.

Best of luck with the quit. You can do it.


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