No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Just had a coffee and croissant, didn't realise how much that would make me crave for a smoke! It's insane how the little voice inside your head that starts to reassure you that you can stop at one, it'll feel really good, that I'm only 5 days in so it's not that much of a set back if i just have one, no one will judge you for having ONE you wouldve had 80 by now... It's sooooooo convincing lol... But I want to join the army and I keep telling myself nothing will match the feeling of pride by becoming a soldier. Today is the strongest cravings I've had so far and the voice in my head's persuasive comments are starting to sound reasonable lol.

I wish my family were more supportive but they all smoke and/or don't want to see me leave for the army.

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Thanks Max :) I'm really struggling today. Having mood swings that could change the rotation of earth! I don't understand why - I'm using patches so why am I going through withdrawal? Are we addicted to the other chemicals in cigarettes too?


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