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Feel so rotten (day 6)

Really have been bad since yesterday evening. All I ca think about is having a cig. Being ill, and going through a very stressful patch at home isn't hel[ing. OH isn't being positive...his idea of support now is to tell me I'm ridiculous to want to smoke after 5 days, and to sulk cos I'm grumpy, thereby making me feel like the world's biggest b**ch :(

I know this is worth it, but don't feel like it is, if that makes sense :confused:

Remind me why I'm torturing myself like xx

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Oh dear I m sorry for how bad you feel but just to reassure you Day 5 of my quit was the worst ever for me... Didn't think about anything else all day and ended up crying for most of the was awful...

Im on day 8 today and feel great so you will feel better.. try to read some posts on here and pull your hair out if you have to or better still your OH's (just joking ) dont give up you've come this far..

You can do it




Dont worry - tha cavalry is here!!

1st things follow these instructions carefully..........walk into the room where your OH is and...........ready for this it's really important.....................punch him square on the nose.

Feeling better yet?

Now that you have relieved all that stress lets get down to the real business of the day. The reasons you are torturing yourself are most likely

1. You are fed up with smelling like an ashtray

2. You probably want to live longer

3. It is cold outside

4. You have got better things to spend your money on

5. You no longer want to be a slave to this drug

Need any more reasons or are we going to take a deep breath and relax?


Im on day 6 and yesterday was hell for me... If OH is saying things that upset you, try use it to your advantage and prove you can do it.

I know some people have no faith or belief in me and im soooo determined it to prove them wrong that it helps hearing it!!

Good Luck and try stay strong


Hi Fabulous,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish. Quitting, being poorly & not getting the support you need at home must make you feel so bad. Just remember you will feel better soon. You have tons & tons of support here. Maybe your OH could do with reading up on withdrawal symptoms & the quit process, maybe he will be more positive then. Please try & hang on in there, we are all here for you & willing you on. Go back & read your first posts as to why you started on this.

Big hugs, Gaynor xx


I think that's a good idea. You should whack a few statistics in front of his insensitive nose and tell him - nicotene is more addictive than heroin, fact. And if you were detoxing from a class A drug addiction would he really expect you to be all done and dusted in five days? Jeez.

Day five is really bloody hard, loads of people on here have hit a wall at about that point. And it doesn't help that you have to contend with feeling poorly and everything else on top. But hey, look at it this way. If you can make it through the next day or so it's going to be a breeze!

Be strong. Have some lemsip. Tell your OH that there's a lot of quitters on here very cross with his 'tude on your behalf, and if he isn't careful he's going to have a posse of us turning up on your doorstep and telling him to start showing you some appreciation or ELSE!!!

Hang in there honeybunch. Seriously. You can do this.



Aw thanks all...

I spoke to another mum at playgroup, and she's on her 4th week...she says will def get easier after this week :)

John, You're prob right, I should punch him! LOL x

He's under a lot of stress too...just lost both his parents :( not making excuses for him, but I think he doesn't know how to deal with me. Anyway, I've told him I need him to be more positive if he really wants me to do this, cos I can't do it without a little support. I'm still struggling with PND, and today is one of the first times I've been anywhere in ages on my own.

I'm gonna stay strong though, I can't waste how far I've come, and I'm not gonna let all the people who think I can't do it win!

I smell better

I have more money

I've more chance of seeing my grandchildren, should that day come :)

My kids are less likely to smoke

If we get pregnant again we won't be risking baby's health

I don't have to run my day around a horrible addiction

I can blummin well beat this stupid demon!

God, I wish I could go back and kick the ar*e of the 15 yr old me who thought she looked so cool with a fag in her gob! LOL x


God, I wish I could go back and kick the ar*e of the 15 yr old me who thought she looked so cool with a fag in her gob!

I think there's a lot of us on here who would say the same. I was 19 - you'd have thought I'd have known better. Stupid, stupid, beer-soaked student. :mad:


I think there's a lot of us on here who would say the same. I was 19 - you'd have thought I'd have known better. Stupid, stupid, beer-soaked student. :mad:

LOL x I actually quit for nearly a year at 19 cos I was expecting my eldest. When he was old enough to stay with mum, I started going out again, and drinking = smoking then :( stupid girl :mad:


5 days is nothing in the grand scheme of a successful quit.

I'm 55 days in and I'm still 'quitting'. I may not be a crying and snot flying mess anymore, or a depression riddle bitter biatch anymore, but I'm still quitting.

Silly man. Explain to him that you are just beginning.

It does get better, but every phase reveals a new challenge. I say to my OH, "I smoked for 20 years, I'm not going to get over it 'just like that'." Suggest you say something equally logical to your OH.


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