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Day 5 - Going Strong

Hey All,

So just wanted to share where I am up to in my journey so far with the hope that others will take some inspiration from it.

So as mentioned in my first post, I quit officially at 11pm on a Friday evening. The weekend was jam packed with activities, including a family gathering and lots of couchwork with my gf (who doesn't smoke and hates it when I do as well). I managed to keep myself occupied and withhold from the cravings, anticipating that Monday was going to be the toughest day - working a high pressure job in finance with a smoking culture was really going to test me.

Well, it did! Monday was tough, had 4 major cravings fairly evenly spread apart. I used a number of techniques such as posting here, going and chatting with someone and also eating chocolate to distract me and somehow made it through the day.

Day 4 -was similar to Monday, but perhaps only had 2major and one minor cravings which I managed to fight off. I will admit, my intake of junk food has increased as mentally I am using it as a reward. I am not too concerned about this in the the short term (say first two weeks) as I am comfortable my diet will return to normal due to other forces.

Day 5 now and feeling strong, no cravings so far today (its 10am) and have a full afternoon in meetings so the mind will hopefully not wander too much.

In terms of side effects, luckily mine have been quite mild. I have felt a little anxious particularly on Monday (day3) and also had no focus whatsoever, I just couldn't stop thinking about smoking. Last night (Day 4 evening) I had a little bit of a tight chest and felt short of breath. I have been having a little insomnia, but I get this when my head is focussed on one task for a long period of time regardless of quitting smoking or not. It just so happens that the last few days that has been consuming my mind. This morning however though I had a fantastic result! My first experience of coughing up some of the gunk that is no doubt lingering in my chest. I see this as a really positive event as my lungs are trying to heal themselves, and after only a few days means they are still pretty active! I was very encouraged by this and took great joy in coughing those little chunks of gunk up knowing that I am not simply replacing them with more.

Anyway, hope sharing this helps others out there, I will keep posting as this is certainly helping me with my quit attempt :)



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Sounds like you are doing fantastic -great job!!! Keep fighting the fight!!!:D


Well done Matt! Sounds like you are doing great! The first week is really quite hard so well done! Chewing gum and water are also useful when the cravings strike.



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