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Day 3 - Monday at work


So after many months of considering I finally decided to quit over this last weekend starting on Saturday morning. I have been smoking for the last 10 years only around 10per day, but this would obviously spike to around a packet if I was out on the beers.

So I did the grand gesture of throwing all my paraphanelia out and off I went. The weekend was surprisingly not to hard, was just hanging with my gf and family so wasn't really tempted.

Now day 3 and monday morning here in sydney. I am back at work and finding it pretty hard to abstain. Around 10am, just had my first real craving, lasted around 5-10mins, hence why I am on here typing this post.

Good news is I managed to not give in, and am now feeling strong again for the rest of the day.

I know this has to be done, and I am committed to getting the health benefits associated with this tremendously positive life change. Feel better just typing these words out :)

Anyway, I will post again as my journey continues, cheers to being smoke free for 60hours now!

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hi, well done for choosing to give up

Patches are working wonders for me, I dont think I could beare the cravings if i didnt have them

Good luck with your quit :D

Hi Matt, welcome to the forum :)

Congratulations on kicking out that nasty little devil once and for all! You seem to have this quit pretty clear in your head, despite the cravings, so I would just advise that you read up and be prepared (just in case the nico-demon decides to pay you a visit).

There are so many ways to manage through the worst cravings (going for a walk, cleaning etc), so make note of your favourites and just enjoy being smoke free! x

Hi and welcome to the forum! Great stuff giving up at the weekend, lots usually wait until Monday morning. You're nearly 3 days in and batting off the craves - you can do it, one day at a time!

Hey All,

Thanks so much for all your support - feels great to know others have been through and come out the otherside and seem all the better for it. Your sharing of experiences and tips certainly helped.

So the results are in - made it through day 3! Had few cravings, mainly mid arvo and then after dinner, but stayed strong.

Day four morning now - will post in the 4-7 part for my next updates.

Thanks again...


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