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Grrr. Never thought i would look forward to work on a monday

crazytracey1000 Days Smoke Free

Weekend finished, husband smoking after trying to stop also although I could smell the secret ones he has been having, finding it hard to be on goal today but I know I will be fine once I head out to work. Day 20 for personal goal is 21 days then a month and so on.....almost there. Thank you guys for being on this forum it helps so much

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I hear ya Tracey, I too for the first couple of months wished for Monday too as found work kept my mind occupied from smoking, keep up the great attitude, it will get easier for every day that passes...

Trem2 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

I think a 3 week badge is in order sinceTracey has done so well. Well done crazytracey you are so strong to keep going after hubby caved well done


RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

Forgot to mention Tracey, I done up a to do list of stuff that I put on the long finger for months even years to keep me busy over the weekends for the first 3 months...

Congrats on Day 21 too! :)


Congratulations on 20 days - and for getting past your hubby smoking. Good idea keeping your goals small and attainable and swiftly moving to the next goal. Your doing great!


It may have been hard but you are doing it, so well done. Also 3 week is brilliant :)

FordyP3 Years Smoke Free

Tracey how strong are you to keep going when your other half has caved! And 3 weeks tomorrow - fantastic.

Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

Well done on 3 weeks quit it must be hard when your husband is smoking, hats off to you.

HercuValued Contributor

Keep going Tracey...You are the star and hero in this story...well done on 21 days today !!!!

Well done. 21 days is fab. Your hubby will be feeling crap that he has to go back to square 1 all over again. Don't give in to temptation because what you go through with nicotine withdrawal is not worth going through too often! I had major tantrums and tears on Saturday and never ever again do I want to experience that.

crazytracey1000 Days Smoke Free in reply to car-d

It's a hard road but certainly worth the effort :)

NozmoValued Contributor

Completely get what you mean. Weekends can be hard if you're not too busy. Congratulations on three weeks!

runmeg3 Years Smoke Free

The first weeks I actually went into work earlier before anyone else was there and stayed late just to keep busy.

However now I can cope at home without the cigarettes - it just takes time


Hey crazytracey, how are you getting on now?

crazytracey1000 Days Smoke Free

Much better month is almost upon me :)

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