No Smoking Day
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Kim's reasons to stops smoking

1) to be healthier

2) to be able to run/walk and not be out of breath

3) to not have yellow stains on my fingers

4) to not sit up late on the internet practically chain smoking

5) to smell lovely

6) to have nice skin

7) to age gracefully

8) so my kids dont see me smoking

9) to help my mum (obviously that should've been with no.1)

10) to save money

11) to not be an addict to nicotine

12) to not have to leave a room/conversation/playing with my kids to have a cig

There are actually quite a few more but hey that will do. Just thought i'd get it all down may help when i'm craving and my mind is totally freaking me out


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They're all very good reasons to quit!!

Quitting for your kids is great - they'll love their fresh smelling more energetic mummy too :D

About the skin and stuff - you're my age and we've smoked around the same amount of time and I look years younger, how fab is that? I'm a totally different colour, lol YAY :cool:


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