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Hi everybody,

Probably this is my last post in this room as in 10 days I am moving forward to the penthouse :)

I just told a few days ago while my colleagues were smoking that smoking is totally out from my daily routine now. I don't even think about smoking and I am wondering why did I go out every morning before breakfast and poisoned my body with strong coffee and 2 cigarette after each other every day and go on the whole day. I wish I could be smarter earlier, but never too late to start up something good. And this is clearly something what i will never regret.

I wish power to everybody who is at the beginning of this process. It is not easy but worth it. Good luck!

See you in the penthouse soon!


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Thanks very much and a big well done for such a huge achievement! :D

I look forward to being where you are today in the not too distant future! x


So well done Attila. An amazing achievement:).

Yes you've struck a chord in the giving up stakes, I would safely say each and very one of us on here regret starting smoking or regret not successfully quitting sooner.

Fi x


So happy for you Attilla!!! What a great achievement!:D:D:D


Thank you guys! And tomorrow I am moving forward!!

Just happy and excited


Well done Attila!!!

It's always great to hear from people who have made it, and have a positive attitude toward their quit.

Sadly, and I'm only guessing here, most people who have quit successfully don't feel the need to participate in forums any more, because they've "been there, done that".



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