No Smoking Day
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Day 11 Still cant believe i have made it this far!!!

What the title says lol!!

I am SO SO SO proud of myself :) :) :)

Reduced my champix dose yesterday full dose in the morning then half dose in afternoon to see if i can sleep a bit better, apart from the sleeping tho i am lucky as i havent really suffered many side effects :) I plan to take the reduced dose for the next week or so then reduce again to 1/2 dose morning & afternoon.

Keep going everybody!

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You're doing brilliantly hun :)

It really is lovely to see you powering on like this and feeling so much better for stopping. Huge well done to you and you deserve to be flipping proud of yourself!!



Good Job!!!!! Hang in there!!! I am on Day 11 too! We've got this!!!


Thanks & Well done Melzee!

Keep going everybody :)


Well done Sophie, it's good to see you're still going strong :D


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