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Made it thus far - DAY 2

Hiya Everyone,

So I'm finally here at day two after so many failed attempts and half-day non-starting. I'm very proud of myslef!

Yesterday I started off the day really positive but as the evening came in I started to feel really 'itchy'. Woke-up this morning and thought to myself 'I'll have my cigarette now' and had to remind myslef I no longer smoke.

Its quite strange - I'm not really finding it overley difficult, more like I'm missing something. Like the feeling you gwt when you think you've forgotten something but you can't think what :confused:

So going to spend part of this morning re-reading some good material on non-smoking that I have found through other people signatures.

DAY TWO = A :) ME.

UPDATE: Caroline - Free and Healing for One Day, 12 Hours and 36 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 2 Hours, by avoiding the use of 31 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £7.63.

Love Caroline x

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Hi Caroline :D

Well done getting to day 2 that's great and you have every right to be proud

I can understand that somethings missing feeling but it will pass in time Promise

The reading will really help you as the more you understand about this addiction the easier it is for you




Go Girl.....good work.....lotsa reading and exercise will help heaps;)

I have been in the garden all day and I feel really alert....that could be cause hubbies away...maybe....hehehe:D


Welcome to your second day on this very important journey to your freedom caz. The feeling of a bit of confusion is perfectly normal right now, just keep in mind that you are making changes to your every day routine so that you no longer include those 'things'.

One of the biggest things you come to deal with first will be all that extra time you've found you suddenly have. (this is a new thing, not had so much time like this in a while eh!!) , if you are at work then you'll soon find you just fill that extra time by keeping busy.. but if you are in your own spare time, just keep yourself and your mind focused. I found typing on my computer and keeping my mind on something was a great help, these forums have been good for both support .. and for me to help others too in my own small way. Its helped me deal with my own quit alot because i've seen that the the things i've been through during this quit others are experiencing too, and it kinda makes quitting smoking feel like its not such a huge task after all.

One thing i told myself at the start of the quit was that although there would definitely be some tough days were I was going to feel a bit :eek:, there would also be plenty of good days to follow them.. or just gaps in between. I found certainly on the not-so-good days that I was feeling it more after lunch and sometimes early in the morning.. so I had plenty of things around to distract me during those times.

Always remember your granddad John, he'll be very proud of you as he will be no doubt keeping a watchful eye on you at all times. Grandparents are good like that, and just because he's no longer with you, it won't mean he stops keeping you in check ;) So no matter how difficult things seem to get on some days, you just remember your big reason for doing this, and that he's very proud of what you are doing yeah?

Do keep posting on these forums, as often as you want to, through good and bad.. sometimes keeping your journey of your quit logged like a diary can truly help. I quoted some day 2/3 posts for one of our forum regular's in a recent post she made where she's just gone into her 3rd month, and she was able to see the difference between how she feels now and what it was like in the early days of her quit just nicely.. massive difference. By striving every day to make sure you stay quit, you eventually reach a point where you get a fantastic sense of wellbeing and are much happier, and you will definitely not want to lose that once you have got it.

So keep going during these early days, no matter what the day brings you.. good or bad.. keep your focus, keep your main reason(s) for quitting in mind, and always know folk are proud of you no matter what for what you are doing. (including granddad john!)

Good luck.. i have every faith in you.




Well done for getting to day 2!

Im also at day 2, feeling shit too haha. Im sure you will pull through, I dont think it lasts long, this empty feeling your having (Im having it too)

Well done though you should be proud of yourself :D



Hiya Guys,

Marg & Elliekez thank-you both for your words of support - must admit day two has been fairly difficult but I'm getting there!

Ashli16 - Big well done on reaching day two also, just remember your reasons for quitting & that feelings will soon pass to make way for a life a happiness :)

Jase - Your post was just beautiful && so motivational! I'm just starting to find out what you mean about all this extra free-time & although in some ways its a God-send for me it can be quite hard to fill. So I'm going to take your advice & make sure I've plently to do. Also, I agree with you - this forum does make a whole heap of difference & really keeps me going.

I've VERY glad your own quit is going well & would like to say Congratulations on reaching week eight! You must be VERY proud :D

I must admit reading your post did bring a tear to my eye - you've made me realise how far I've come already && the joy of what is yet to come. Making my Grandad proud means the world to me and thats all I'll need to get me through. No matter how tough times get (& they shall get tougher before the light breaks) I will remind myself of my reasons for coming this far in the first place.

Forgive me but I'm not sure how to quote peoples text yet so I shall do it my way for a now...

"By striving every day to make sure you stay quit, you eventually reach a point where you get a fantastic sense of wellbeing and are much happier, and you will definitely not want to lose that once you have got it".

Loved this part - makes every craving seem so insignificant compeared to what lies ahead. That sense of wellbeing WILL be mine soon :)

Jase keep doing what your doing - I know will see it as only posting a quick message back to someone after seeing their thread but your words of wisdom & your motivational way of speaking will keep many a person returning to the dark-side, that I'm sure of! :)

So quick update also...

Caroline - Free and Healing for One Day, 20 Hours and 14 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 3 Hours, by avoiding the use of 37 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £9.22.

Love Caroline x


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