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The start of week 2

Well, another week gone. Yesterday was unbelievably dificult. For some reason, all I could think about was just to have one... And yes, I know. It never stays with just one. I ended up trying to convince myself why I don't need to quit.

Well, I did not give in to the urge, and neither did hubby. Must say, he is doing so much better than me. And I actually stopped for a whole month, lapsed half a day and he's just going. Lot less cravings than me.

Oh well, we are still here! Who else is doing day 8 today?

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I is doings Days Eights todays wiff yous!:p

LI, your surprise for not quitting the quit yesterday is in the post...;)


Well done LI, you CAN do this!

Are you and Mario an item? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: x


Yip, I've been happily shackle....sorry:D...married to LI for almost 12 years.


Oh how lovely!!! :D:D:D xx


Oooh, nice! A suprise for me.... Can't wait. Have to say, yesterday I came very very close to quitting the quits!

Today I am glad I held out. Still feeling good...

Thanks love for walking this road with me, makes it so much easier!


I got my suprise! A beatiful bunch of flowers with roses and carnations with a teddy bear, delivered to my doorstep!!

Thank you Mario!! Love you lots like jellytots!


Oh, how lovely, well done Mario and you absolutely deserve them LI!!! Dare I say, hope you have a great evening!!! :D:D:D xx


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