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A line in the sand

Hi y’all!

Posting today as I have next to no chance of being on-line for more than a couple of minutes a day this weekend. 7.30pm tonight I’m five months quit. 150 days or so, don't know how many weeks, but I’m counting months now. :D

Last Sunday was the first day since I was a teenager that I’ve not thought about smoking at all – not once in the whole day. Generally I still think about it daily, but not too often and not in a ‘need one’ kind of way. Just in a ‘quite fancy one’ way every now and then.

On the health front, my breathing was much harder in months 2, 3 and 4. However I haven’t noticed this for days now, and thinking about it, it is easier. Guess my lung function is returning somewhat. Both my respiratory and circulatory systems somehow just feel that bit stronger than they did when I smoked. My weight gain was more than average at 16lbs on top of a 14 stone something frame, and it’s (very!) slowly creeping down again. But know what? It doesn’t really matter, because I’m happier, more relaxed and quite enjoying things. More content. :cool:

Thank you forum, you’ve been instrumental in getting me to where I am now, bless you all! And that’s it, my five month milestone post, just stepping across another line in the sand. I’m looking forward to a week in France now at the end of the month. Happy Friday, and happy bank hols to everyone, hope you all enjoy the break! :)


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YAY Well done Hawk!!

It's fab that you're doing so well and not thinking about smoking is just excellent :D

Hope you have a lovely holiday too :)


Yay, thanks guys - enjoy the weekend!! Think I'll open a bottle...:)


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