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I jumped!

Hi all, well the time came (1pm yesterday) and I have started on the road to freedom.

went to work and after finishing at 01.30 i got home & couldn't find my key! after a frantic search & heading back to work I found it. I was so thrilled I felt i needed a relaxing ciggie but as I walked back home had convinced myself that lighting up won't change the outcome, I'm happy & smoking will make me feel disappointed. I didn't smoke and am now so proud that I saw the trick in time.

The crafty sod will always try to trick me but didn't succeed this time.

I got so much encouragement from the peeps on here it really spurred me on, thanks for all your messages, it was good to read from those who have smoked for as many years as i have & kicked it into touch. Just goes to show, its an addiction & the withdrawals are the same no matter how many years you have been at it.

Anyway I'm still on day 1 till 1pm and have almost made it.

thanks to all you wonderful people for your support x

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WOOHOO well done Chrissie :D

Am sure your mind's in exactly the right place to make this stick, and well done for not falling for the "relaxing smoke" trick - one of the nicotine demon's favourites that!!


Hooray! Keep flying!



Well done Chrissie!!!


Knew you would ;)

Get some Dolly mixtures. That, seriously, is my best advice for day 3 :) Oh....and maybe cheese and crackers. I put on shed loads of weight at first. Now though....i'm like a lean, mean, fighting machine. (you will be too) Hang in there hen. x



Off to buy a quarter of midget gems :)


Been stuffing my face with Fruitella this afternoon....might have go get me some Dolly mixtures tomorrow though :)

Well done on taking the leap Chrissie :D


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