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Whats wrong with D15

Hello...In last 18 years of my smoking life, I quit twice and each time I took fag on day 15....Today is my D15 for third time and its getting heavier again...don't know its something with this stupid day or something psychological ....but I want to pass D15 this time....last few days were easy and comfortable with no big cravings but today since morning....don't know ....hate day 15 ....

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Still hanging on

Thanks ---still is hanging on ....but boy this is proving to be very difficult day and I'm still wondering why......why D15?


Hi Rick

hope you manage to get through the day without smoking why day 15 is hard :confused: may well be down to the fact that in your head your smoking demon is trying the fact that you smoked on day 15 of two previous quits before and is using everything it can to try and get you to smoke again

just remember its just another day to add to the other days you have gone without smoking and keep on your guard for those smoking thoughts of :eek:

your doing so well


the biggest plus you have as a weapon against not smoking today is that you have this place to come to where everyone knows what your going through and can offer you the support and encouragement you need to win this day


So stand tall you can do this and keep repeating i choose not to smoke today and i can get through this




onwards and upwards is the way to go


Thank you

I'm fighting and rationally yes its just another day....but this is hell of a day so different from previous few days during which I almost forgot that I have ever smoked..


Hi I hope you are still smoke free, their is a saying on the forum about the terrible 3s ie 3 weeks, 3 months, I didn't have a problem with the 3 years but the other two were horrific hang in their it will get better I promise also like carol said you have a phobia now of the 15th day, once past it I am sure you will sail into the rest of your quit.


Thank you again

I'm feeling lot better (off course without smoking again) and cravings are gone too...just a thought of that fierce battle that I fought today ..I'll never forget this D15 (and also support of you people)....Thinking of having a nice cup of coffee and also good dinner tonight (I deserve it today)....


D15 Is about to go without a fag


D16 Started

D16 started but still getting episodes of severe cravings.....nothing unusual or special happened just want to go to bed and forget about everything....


Hang on in there Rick. I joined this forum on my Day 17 because days 15 & 16 had been so hellish...all downhill from there though :D


Dont stress it, I had the same mental block at day 23, last 3 attempts all caved on day 23, dont ask me why, it was after the 3rd failed attempt I realised that once again I fell at 23.

BUT im at 25 this time, its all in your head, keep going your doing brill :)


I think there is a point where I think "Right I'm clearly in control of this as I have got through 15 days... so I can just have one"... thats what happens to me, although its usually later at about 3 months! So I have to wait another 10 weeks for the s**t to hit the fan.

The difference ( I hope) this time is that I have admitted that I am addicted. An addict. Like an alcoholic. there can never be "just one"

Remind me of that in 10 weeks time!


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