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The cost of quitting

Hello month 2

Hope no-one sees this as a moaning post as am truly happy to be starting my second month smoke free


I have worked out I have saved £120 by not smoking in the past 30 days - avearge cost was only £4 a pack as had lovely friend who travels to Europe each week and brought them back

I have spent:-

4 x Champix prescriptions = 31.40

corsodyl for bleeding gums = 4.00

Numerous constipation remedy attempts = approx 15.00

spot cream as teenage acne back = 10.00

2 x thrush treatments (still not gone) = 24.00

multi vitamins in desperate attempt to feel human = 10.00

nail hardener as they have also gone to pot = 10.00

total spend to date = 104.40

Bearly leaves enough change to make a dent in the whole new wardrobe needed due to the constant weight gain - average of 1lb a week

Best arrange a trip to Primark for elasticated waisted trackies.............:eek:

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That is soooo funny!!! (Well I hope you meant it ironically?). Just remember that in the long run everything will be so much better!!!


Oooosh, that's quite a lot of money spent! However, it shouldn't be long term so you'll get to see some of that dosh in the not-too-distant-future! :D

Everything is expensive nowadays :rolleyes:



did mean it to be funny - although it is also unfortunately very true

the good thing is though, that pretty much most of these physical symptoms would be enough for me to use as an excuse to go back to smoking in the past, especially the weight gain

now i just look at it as my body getting its own back for years of abuse and everyone assures me it wont last forever and that i am just unlucky to be hit so badly


Hello Maz

I too have had some of these symptoms so I do sincerely sympathise (just thought that the way you expressed it was very funny!). I didn't get a wink of sleep last night and feel absolutely awful today - just pleased that I am on holiday this week and not at work! Got to visit the cessation nurse at the crack of dawn so I hope I get some sleep tonight!

I know it will be worth it all when we are rid of this (and not as reliant on Champix).

Take Care

Jess x


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