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The first month down and first to move into month 2 are Rochelle and I, with the rest of the crew not far behind :D

1 month quit after 31 years smoking. Doesn't sound much, but I'm thrilled, and whilst there are definitely times when I yearn to go back to the days of sitting down and having a nice cigar (I did enjoy them), it's never, ever going to happen again.

I'm actually enjoying the benefits of not smoking more and I can't believe how quickly my lung performance has started to show improvement.

Penthouse, here we come!

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Well done Capitan and Rochelle, one whole month. The penthouse is getting closer:D


Yep 1 month down :)


Big congrats Capitan and Rochelle :D:cool: and yeah its amazing how quickly the physical benefits kick in. When I had a good quit going I was amazed at how much further and faster I could walk, and able to carry really heavy shopping which I couldn't do before. Thought that was down to old age but it was smoking :eek: Enjoy month 2, don't think I will be in the same room as you until months 4 and 5, but never mind, see you there ;)

Zoe xxxx


All quiet on the western front with Dolly's Mixtures then :)

That's cause we are a tough crew and strong silent types :cool:


Yep all quiet but all good !! I've been on a bit of a spree this week, bought myself a new hoodie and stuff and then been to marks and spencer tonight and got my mam some pyjamas for her birthday to go with some money, her birthday is the 16th then mothers day on the 18th, I've got her some new bedding for mothers day though. I've got loads more money to spend. I dunno how I afforded to smoke though? Lol

Still saving for my hols too got nearly 200 in the holiday fund upto now lol going all inclusive but we still like to go out for a few meals in the evenings for a change and I like to treat myself in duty free!! Chanel make up here I comeeeeeeeeee

Wonder how zoe is doing, not seen her post for a couple of days.


Well tomorrow is the 42nd day for me and Rochelle, the last day of our 6th week :D

Si is only a couple of days behind us but I'm not sure where the others have gone :confused:

Whilst I'm sure there will be some rocky moments ahead, it's definitely getting easier and easier.

Like others have commented recently, I do find that I think far more about smoking when I'm looking at the forum than when I stay away from it.

I'm sure that will ease though and I'm still going to look in and report regularly.

Keep it going everyone, Dolly Mixtures or not. :D


Hi Gary nice to know that there's a couple of the old gang lurking. Maybe the others are watching from the side lines or maybe like you say it might be hard for them to visit the forum. As we move forward with our quits its say to forget isn't it because all we want is to forget. Forget we ever smoked and that we were so low once upon a time.

Keep up the good work my friend. Stay strong. We are doing it. Can you believe it? We are finally free. Feels good doesn't it.

As for all the other members of Dolly mixtures, if your there then that's fine. As long as your all ok.


Too right Si, it's amusing going back through those early posts when we hoped, but perhaps didn't truly believe, that it was actually possible to quit for good.

Now, just 6 weeks later (a short period of time compared to a 25-30 year habit), it's looking more than possible, it's looking likely!

All you have to remember is NOPE!

Roll on January 2013!


Yep 6 weeks quit now!!! So happy I took the plunge.

I too find the only time I'm really thinking about smoking is when I visit here lkol but that's inevitable!! It is a forum for people trying to quit. I watch people smoke when I'm out and about and just think about it for a moment, and realise I don't miss them at all. I never wanted to be a smoker forever. If I'd realised how addictive it was when I was 14 I'd have never been so stupid.

Think we have lost a few members yeah, hope they find the strength to quit again in future. Its such a shitty habit that hooks us.

Speaking of hooking us, remember that no smoking campaign on tv which showed people with a hook through their cheek pulling cos they needed to have their fix? I remember my little cousin saying 'is that what happens to you shell when you smoke?' Lol pleased I don't have the hook anymore!!!

Smoking nurse tomorrow, dropping down to step two on the patches. So I'm half way through the 12 weeks with the nurse. Can't wait to see the back of her lol I'm sick of going but I have to get weighed every time I go and this helps me to not gorge on loads of food!!! I've always been crap at diets


NOPE is the only way to go moving forward. After nearly six weeks i too watch other people smoking in fact most days from my office window i see the same group at 10 12 and 3 from a factory across the road, in all weathers tugging on thier smoking sticks.

I watch them and i wonder if they are enjoying them, i wonder if they want to smoke, of course if i went and asked them they would all say yes they like smoking and are enjoying it. But i know they would secretly love to be free of the habit, free of the choking, free of the coughing, free of the embarassment of actually being a smoker.

I was once one of them that would have grabbed a fag at any time of the day, just to get that fix in to my lungs, even if i'd just had one five minutes before. :eek:

How can we teach others that your body and your mind does not need nicotine to survive, infact it works pretty damn good without it.

I feel for them all standing together, having to stand together for what i see is safety in numbers, against all the rest of the world who cant understand why they want to stand and smoke, when we know the benefits are so much better.

Now we are well on the way to becoming none smokers, in fact yesterday someone stopped me in sainsburys carpark and asked me if i had a light, the reply was "sorry mate i dont smoke" How good did i feel.

That made my day. nearly six weeks and im so greatfull to you all for helping me through the early days, i can never repay you.

i can however make an offering to others who are in their hour of need.

Remember folks Nope is the only way, or else we will be standing out side again wondering why we ever had that first drag again.


Quit Date : Jan 30th - Cold Turkey

Dear all, thank god you guys are still here, was wondering , thanks capitan for pointing me to the right date and the right forum.

2 days to go for 6 weeks for me hurray !!!! been through the most stressful time last few days while i was with my family , bro being hospitalised etc (he is fine now) the real test of not smoking .. got strong urges many many times the last few days.. but everytime i reminded myself.. is smoking going to solve any of the problems or lessen the stress or is it going to add to my stress and make me feel miserable afterwards and guilty .. do i really need to go back to day 1 to day 7 again ?? the answer was a big big no in my mind !!! and so instead chewed sugar free gums .. feel so proud now for resisting ... i think another two weeks and we ll be set .. what do u guys think ??


Well done gina you're doing really well :)


Every day of not smoking is a major achievement. You're doing fantastically well!!

Keep going



:) Well done Captain & Roachelle ialso have completed one Month so I know how it feels, Am on day 31 today and feel GOOD. All the best to you both on your quits.


Quit Date: 10.2.12


OOps sorry Rochelle


LOL its ok fleetwood.

Well done to you both also x


:) Well done guys - excellent !!


So, at 11.30pm last night I completed my 7th week drug free. :)

That makes today the first day of my 8th week and also my 50th day since I last smoked. :D

Rochelle is on the same day, Si is just a couple of days behind & Gina is with us too.

Becs, if you are out there and still quit let us know.

Dolly, come back and start a new quit, you can do it!

You too Zoe, get back on the horse and try again.:)

Should any new quitters be reading this, you have to believe that it really does get better and it is worth all the stress and anguish of fighting off those early, long, strong, cravings.

I wobbled hard on days 4 & 8 but, like a Weeble, I wobbled but I didn't fall down.

In the Halifax area it's really dark in some areas at night due to the lack of working street lamps. Why? It's because Si went round kicking them early in his quit to stave off the cravings - and he succeeded!

After 31 years of smoking I truly believe I've made it.

I will never smoke again because I can't fight a craving. I'll never smoke again because the addiction is too strong.

The only way I will smoke again is if I am stupid and arrogant enough to believe, or convince myself, that "I can handle the odd 1 or 2 and not get hooked again". The only way I'll get hooked again is if I believe or convince myself that I control "them" and "they" don't control me.

Well I can be cocky and arrogant, but not that arrogant and I'm not stupid.

I am an addict and I know it. "Good morning everyone, my name is Capitan (Gary) and I am a smokeaholic".

I can never smoke again. I am one puff away from relapsing and I know it. That relapse would cost me big time in terms of pride, health, life expectancy and money.

That relapse will never, ever, happen. I've come too far. I've seen the promised land and I like it. I've bought a plot of land, I'm building my penthouse and I'm here to stay. My penthouse will be complete in January 2013 and I'll be staying for life.

The early days are painful, you doubt you can make it, you wonder if it's worth it and you think you are someone who is sadly destined to be a smoker for life.

None of that is true. You can break the habit and it most definitely is worth it.

Just remember NOPE (Not One Puff Ever)


Big congratulations to you :)


Well done Gary.

I can't see myself ever becoming a smoker again either. I realise now how much is stinks and how much my life is nicer without them. I enjoy food more and honestly I've not over ate and put weight on since I quit. My weight has stayed the same BUT stopping smoking has given me more energy, I feel fitter and I don't get out of puff anymore after just walking for a while!! I started walking home from work once a week, its 3 and a half miles but I enjoy it and want to get fit and healthy, hopefully lose some weight and feel amazing when I go on holiday this year.

Going on holiday in august with no smokers!!! So if I hadn't stopped I would have been the only one at the table puffing away annoying everyone else and I'm so pleased I won't have to do that. And also travelling, let's be honest it was always a nightmare wasn't it? Worrying you wouldn't have enough time to go out for a fag after checking the bags in, absolutely gagging when you get off the plane and can't wait to get your bag and get outside. Well this year ill be breezing through, smoke free and a couple of dress sizes smaller and healthyyyyyy! Can't wait. I will not be getting blottoed on the drink though lol i think if I was absolutely pissed I MIGHT be stupid.

All in all quitting has been fairly easy. I'm not gonna lie, there has been some awful uncomfortable cravings. Had a little one today which suprised me as I thought they were over. But the cravings have never been enough to make me want to go to the shop. They arnt that bad.


Congrats to you too my little quit twin :D

Si will be in week 8 soon, as will Gina, and I really wish Dolly would come back and try again.

Onwards and upwards :)


Thanks and you too :) won't be long before we've done 2 whole months. Si is doing really well also.

And I know, it would be good if they could try again.


Hey up fellow Non smokers. what an enjoyable read Gary, i did really enjoy reading about my lamp post kicking exercise, that seems so far away now, but at the time i remember the wobble was so bad. i was ready to walk and walk and walk. i was trying my best to distance myself from everyone and if i was to be honest if i could i would have distanced myself from myself.

Gary And Rochelle, we are still doing it, day by day we are still in our quit. Im still having little thoughts, like i wonder what it would be like just to have one.:D

The feeling lasts about 4 seconds then somehow i forget, i dont even realise ive forgot about it. It just seems to go away. isnt it weird?

I smell better, i dont think ive got my taste buds back to 100% but i feel 110% better within myself, i feel fitter more energy more money and more importantly i feel more proud of myself. The fact ive finally managed to stop smoking for 47 days is such a massive achievement to me. My life at work and at home is so different. i no longer clock watch 24/7, i no longer wish i could go for a sneaky fag at work in between meetings, i no long carry a lighter in every pair of trousers. People are encouraging me, asking me if im still managing to stay off the weed, and it gives me immence pleasure to quote the amount of days since i had a smoke.

Im so so glad i went cold turkey, i wish i had done it years ago, there are at work four people who are using the electric cigarettes. They are all still sneaking about puffing on them when ever they can and then smoking at weekends, then starting again every monday.Plugging them in to their usb ports on their pc's to charge them up.

For me it is just wrong if you are going to stop, then stop stop stop.

Forgive me if i speak out of turn, each to their own and as we all know each and ever quit is different.

Ive been through so much in these last 47 days, from sleepless nights to spots like im 13 again, moodyness, starving, watching smokers, dispising smokers. kicking lamposts, walking, running, sitting doing nothing, depressive feelings, arguing with the wife, wanting peace and quite. wanting to be on my own. the list is endless.

Why would i want to go through any one of them again. thats whats keeping me going day on day. Knowing that if i ever have just one smoke, and i mean even just one drag, i will inevitably have to go through all of the crappy feelings again at some stage in my life. Either through choice or through the form of a doctor telling me i have to stop smoking.

My feelings for this forum are absolutley massive. Ive said it before and i'll say it again im sure before i reach the Penthouse, but this place is truelly fantastic. People are just there when you need help. Just knowing that if you feel like lighting up, there are people sat in your conscience telling you "NOPE".

Its worked for me, im far from out of trouble, but hey ive managed 47 days. Thanks guys for sitting on my shoulder, I owe you so much. :)


Nice post Si, looking at all the posts by the new quitters on "No smoking day" reminds me of our early posts when we posted in flurries and often.

It seems so long ago and yet was less than 2 months ago. :)



OH my god !! Si & Gary & Rochelle, you guys rock.. its my 50th day today and the whole w.e i ve craved for cigarettes on and off and the cravings were pretty strong .. so this morning i was just telling a friend, its been 7 weeks and its not working, wondering whether i should give up trying altogether, maybe for me smoking 20+ a day for 20+ years was way too strong to walk away from ..

but then i read gary's and Si's post, i honestly had tears in my eyes and renewed motivation and determination, NO i m not going to lose this battle, i m going to win like you guys who are strong !!

Thank you !!


Gina don't give in!!! You're stronger than that. Pleased you've found some new motivation.

Not sure what day I'm on, but its another 7 days til I've done 2 months. I havnt found it a struggle to be honest but then again I'm only 23. So havnt smoked for as long as some of you guys on this forum.

Next time you're thinking of giving in come on here for support x


Happy 50th day Gina! :D

I'm so glad you haven't caved in. I notice you don't post much and, as Rochelle has suggested, maybe you should come to the forum more often if you are struggling.

There is always someone here to help you and Si, Rochelle and I are on here regularly to keep you on the straight and narrow :D

If you can beat the really strong cravings as they happen then your quit will get easier and easier.

Enjoy your 50th day, stay strong and drug free! :)


Cold Turkey :)

Just read your latest posts. It rings a bell from long ago!!!!

You are all breaking free now and you know it!

You only have to do it once. You lot can remember week one:(

NOPE is the word.

Well done to you all.

It's all down to NOPE. Free for last 3835 days.

PenthouseRoof, i m sure i can speak for the rest of us. It is very kind and gracious of you to still visit the website and put in a word of encouragement for all of us .

I wish to follow your footsteps after 3000 days .

Thank you


Happy 50th day Gina! :D

I'm so glad you haven't caved in. I notice you don't post much and, as Rochelle has suggested, maybe you should come to the forum more often if you are struggling.

There is always someone here to help you and Si, Rochelle and I are on here regularly to keep you on the straight and narrow :D

If you can beat the really strong cravings as they happen then your quit will get easier and easier.

Enjoy your 50th day, stay strong and drug free! :)

haha yeah its these smart phones, i cant help it every time i sit down after work or during the weekend when i sit down with a cuppa i just cant help pick my phone up and have a look around on here lol im the same with facebook cant help it i think its my nosey nature!!

the strong cravings are pretty hard but the more they come the more you learn to handle them

Just read your latest posts. It rings a bell from long ago!!!!

You are all breaking free now and you know it!

You only have to do it once. You lot can remember week one:(

NOPE is the word.

Well done to you all.

It's all down to NOPE. Free for last 3835 days.

thanks. week one is a weird one. although not exactly rock hard, it was more the fact that i felt i was missing something lol changing the routine, getting used to not getting up and going for a fag every hour, it just feels a bit weird more than tough.

but then we have spent years doing the same thing, getting up, going downstairs, having a fix before breakfast, so its really the routine that was the one to crack.

now weve all done that it will be an easier ride.

went out for walks with the dogs today and my cousin had a fag on the way, it didnt bother me as such these days it just makes me remind myself how good it is that ive stopped and taking the time to watch someone smoke and realising it isnt relieving tension or anything for them. its really just because they HAVE to do it.


Can't be on with liquorice all sorts, they are minging and are bad for blood pressure anyway lol


In 3 hours I will have completed 8 weeks quit, going cold turkey, after a 31 year habit! :D

Rochelle will be the same, having quit on the same day (at the same time?) and Si and Gina are not too far behind.

Still hoping that Dolly tries again (if you are watching Dolly come back and say hello) and that Becs lets us know how she is doing.

In 4 days (26th), Rochelle and I will have completed 60 days and exactly 2 calendar months. :D

I'm settling in nicely to my quit and whilst I still get an occassional mini crave, it's nothing to worry about anymore and lasts seconds.

I now go hours and hours without even thinking about smoking compared to every 5 minutes at the start of the quit.

I would like to thank all the people who have lost year plus quits by having, supposedly, 1 cigarette and ended up back on here having become full time smokers again.

I mean that in a nice way, but your stories are the ones that concentrate my mind and are the stories that will keep me quit for the rest of my life.

Life is good and I want to enjoy it for as long as I can. :)


Well done Capitan, 2 months is awesome :D


Looking forward to saying 2 months :)

I quit at about half 11 at night on the 26th. Fresh day on the 27th and first day of a smoke free life. And its feeling good after 8 weeks. :) I agree the craves are weak now. I try to imagine what the craves were like the first couple of days, and it wasn't torture but I remember they came in waves and lasted for ages and now they last seconds as you say.

Going to metro centre on monday, will be nice to go there without making sure I'm not too far from the fag exit and panicking if I am too far lol I used to hate it. Probably still will hate it as I hate shopping but I'm sure it won't be as bad as it was before


Hello Guys

I m still here too.. this week has been much better in terms of craving .. and sometimes when i think about smoking it seems like such a far away thing .. the smell of smoke on other people still affect me and brings back memories .. and also makes me realise how bad i smelt after a smoke ... manage to get a friend of mine to quit smoking too. trying with a another friend (spreading the love :)) last week was pretty hard but this week is better .. god knows how the next week will be .. but i ve read somewhere that it takes about 9 to 12 weeks to be completely comfortable in your skin without smoking .. so my target is that .. apart from falling off the wagon once (which i ve told u about ) on my 13th day i ve not fallen off the wagon or used any kind of replacement .. infact that one mistake made me aware of how vulnerable i m to smoking and will keep me cautious about too much drinking for a long time .. its good for my health anyways not to drink too much :))..

I quit at 12 in the afternoon on the 30th of Jan , so almost on my 53rd day .. and this coming monday at 12 noon i would have completed 8 full weeks .. and friday a week 60 days ... cant wait to achieve the next goal i set for myself .. next one would be 12 weeks .. how different it has become now .. earlier i would set myself a target of a day lol and now one month .. so glad !! wish you guys a happy w.e and catch you later .. congrats Gary & Rochelle and cant wait to join u on the other side of the current fence .. i m sure Si is as eager too ..


Well done gina pleased its starting to feel better now!!

I been to docs this morning and I lost 6 and half pounds or 3kg :) that's in 2 weeks so I'm happy with that. Now I'm comfortable settling to life without cigs I'm ready to get fit and healthy lol mind you although I'm ok with getting weighed and stuff at the docs I think ill start slimming world soon as there's a meeting right near my house so its not as if it'll be a chore. Plus my cousin wanting to do it also so ill have a slimming world buddie lol


day 57 today - cold turkey

so guys, officially 8 weeks over now .. on my 57th day today, Rochelle and Capital .. arent you in month 3 now ? is everyone still here or is it a new thread .. and when do i go to month 3 lol after 8 weeks (56 days) or 60 days ?? have a great monday and an awesome week guys ... i m eagerly waiting for 12 weeks to come thats my next goal !!


Well Done Gina! :D

Rochelle and I move into Month 3 tomorrow (27th):D

We both smoked our last cigarettes / cigars on 26th January so our first smoke free day was 27th.

That means for us, each calendar month ends on 26th and each new one starts on 27th.

If you smoked last on 30th January then that is when your calendar months will end and you move into each new calendar month on 31st or 1st, depending on how many days each particular month has.

I'll start a Month 3 thread late tonight (Rochelle and I quit on the same day at the same time - 11.30pm) and we will have it looking nice and shiny for you and Si when you both join us in a few days :D


month 3 -

Ok Capitan, see you and rochelle on the shiny month 3 thread on the 31st of march that is when i start it !! cant wait


Well done Captain and Rochelle. All the best for month 2. Jacqui quit date: 10.2.12.


Finished 2 whole months woohoo. Sat outside in the sunshine yesterday and today, which I thought would be a proper trigger as my cousin is still smoking after failing on champix so I thought that would bring massive craves on but I'm ok. Have the passing thought of smoking but I know I couldn't bring myself to hold a cig. Lol does that make sense?

This time last year we would have been sat out here together more or less chain smoking with a drink. This year I'm smoke free and feel better than ever. Now I've sat outside and chilled out in the sun without having a real urge for a cig, I know I can get through any other trigger type situations.

Its all good!


Rochelle and I are moving on to our Month 3 room and thread tonight :D

See you very soon Si and Gina :D


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