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9 weeks

tomorrow will be 9 weeks since I quit. Where did the time go? Had some really bad days but I got through them and now I can hardly remember that I was a smoker. My flight back home to Spain was delayed yesterday by 3 hours, in the past that would have sent me scurrying to the smoking area in Manchester airport (yes they do still have one) but although I was bored I sat calmly reading my book without feeling at all stressed without those smelly white cancer sticks. A few short weeks ago I would never have believed I could cope without them, I did a little retail therapy whilst in the UK it was nice to be able to treat myself with some of the money I have saved which to date is a whacking £375.00.

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Congratulations, airports running well would have me reaching for the smokes. You've done really well :)


Any chance of a top there jeannie? lol , j/k 9 weeks and you are doing great, can only be that it easy as every week goes in, good luck you :) !


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