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Week 10 - 9 weeks done :)

My saturday night weekly marker has been,.. and gone.. marking the end of my 9th week, and am now in my 10th week and 1st day now.

This coming week will be my last week on the 7mg step 3 patches, then after that I will be goin' it alone at 0mg :) patch free.

So last week on patches for me.. whoohoo n all that.. but as ever i'm remaining focused even if life right now is throwing me a number of sucker punches. Today is no exception, i used a 2nd 7mg patch today to reinforce my day due to some 'below the belt' blows i took .. but some hours later, it paid off, and all it means is that i start on 0mg no patches from saturday morning next week as opposed to sunday morning. (don't ask)

Good luck to everyone else... and know i really care about your quits as much as my own, so keep the faith and believe in yourselves. You are every bit capable of quitting.


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Congratulations on 9 weeks down and dusted!! I have enjoyed your posts and threads. You seem to have your mind set and I know you will succeed!

Keep going strong!


Hi Jase :)

Well done you at the start of your tenth week that's great

Sorry you got thrown some sucker punches but you got through them anyway

Your last week on the parches and that has to be good onwards and upwards


Marg xxxx


I dunno what happened yesterday, but i got embroiled in one of them domestic arguments that you wish to god would just stop.. OH was giving me grief over some truly trivial stuff and was like a dog with a bone on it.. eg. wouldn't drop it.. wouldn't let go, and i felt like it was 'poke.. poke...poke...poke...' for ages.. now i won't lie, on times in the past when i've felt that 'got at', my first reaction was 'sod this i'm off for a smoke'.. and i'd chain them too... but yesterday i just considered my options to reduce the problem..and i knew i was on the lowest 7mg patches, but luckily had my last box of patches bought in ready. So i put another one on and simply walked away.

I've come too damn far to let anyone disrupt my quit now but yesterday for me was like the first day i had on week 3.. again.. problem due to argument with OH.. i hate arguing, arguments make me feel so damn upset from inside out.. and although i am a bloke, i hate the damage that arguments do.. and the things that get said in the heat of the moment. I would much rather be able to just disappear somewhere for an hour or so when they occur. I just felt trapped in the moment yesterday though.

So anyway, things did improve later in the evening.. OH apologised and we did settle down to a film and some wine later on, but the only thing that remained was my daughter still being unwell so that was the only thing later that was on my mind alot.

Life can be horrid to us at times, to some of us much worse than others..and certainly much worse than i went through yesterday, but we just absolutely must never resort to falling off the wagon of our quits.. no matter how tough life gets it wont' get any better by having to deal with the anguish of having failed with the quit, so by staying strong, you have this thing you can rely on.. to not let other people break your resolve you still stay a winner.. and hopefully thats where we'll stay.

Sorry for the ramble a bit.. but i'm in a much better place today than i was yesterday.

Peace to all.



Well done Jase. You can cut your patches so that you come off them more slowly if you want to.

Best of luck.



Hi Jase :D

So pleased you feel better today after the stress of yesterday and hope your little girl is soon back to full health and mischievious again with you having to chase after her




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