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A Week

Well who would have thought I would get to a week, but I have.

Feeling very good about myself today even though my head is still playing up and very fuzzy.

Was hoping to be feeling a bit better by now. But today I don't care - today I have reached my first milestone.

I can honestly say I wouldn't have made my week without all the kind people on here. I hope you all realise how good you all are.

Heres to next week.


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Fuzziness can last about a week or even two.

Congratulations on making your first week!

Remember, everyday is a milestone when you've quit!


Yes well done ,the first two weeks are the worse,I'm on week 3 nearly 4 weeks ,still get the odd crave.good luck to you hang in there:)


Well done Chris! :D


well done that lady!! As Kat says you should go and treat yourself to something! Week 2 I found easier than week 1 so keep going, keep strong, and keep telling people you dont smoke:D:D


Congratulations to TIC & CHRISK and whoever else has made the "big week". Bring on week 2 guys!!! :cool:


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