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Well hello to you all. I've been reading the forum since quitting but after soldiering through a bad couple of days, thought it time to join up for a bit of extra support. I've just reached the end of day 17 of my quit which has been loads easier than 16 & 15 were, lucky I have access to a punchbag!!. I'm using Champix and no problems...just the weird dreams but I've gotten quite used to them now! Have stopped on numerous occasions in the past but have fallen at 9 or 10 weeks (unlike hubby who has just reached 2 years) Feels different this time though - I think because I know the nicotine is out of my body it's a massive boost!

So hello to you all and good luck with your quits

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Hi Isolde and welcome :)

Huge well done on getting to day 17, and it's fab that this quit feels different - that is a hugely good sign :D

Lol, and a punch bag definitely helps!!

Good luck!!


Welcome to the Forum. Wishing you well as you continue on your non smoking journey.

And you say this quit feels different, that's a good sign my love:)

Fi x

Hi Isolde,

Welcome to the forum :D Well done on your quit. Day 17 is great!

Has your husband been able to offer any tips or advice that you've found useful so far? Or is there anything you've been able to bring along with you from previous attempts?

This forum is excellent for a good vent or if you're after some help. I also find it useful for getting lost in and I often forget what I originally needed to come on for! :)

Good luck. There are some great people on here who will always be free to talk you down when you're struggling to keep your cool! :cool:

Hello Isolde,

Welcome to the forum. You're doing brilliantly :)

I read old posts on this forum for a long time before I actually joined. I'm so pleased that I did join though. There is always someone to help if you falter in any way, need advice or just want to rant or laugh.

Wishing you the best for your quit.

Molly x

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